Blessings from Waiting unto the Lord

I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.

  • Psalm 27:13-14

The Scripture above is one of my wife’s favorite Psalms, at least she repeats it often enough.

This post is a little dated, but I have been busy lately.

On 16-17 December, Winter Storm Gail dumped nearly a foot of snow on our house.  I know, the official Pittsburgh snowfall was nine inches, but that is at the airport, and as Al Sleet, the Hippie Dippy Weatherman (George Carlin character) used to say, “But that is ridiculous.  Nobody lives at the airport, Man!”  Somehow, our little hill gets hit with more snow than the airport that is not far away, about two ridgelines over.  We are closer to the Pittsburgh airport than Pittsburgh is.

I wondered.  There were high winds during Winter Storm Gail.  Did it become Gale Gail at some point?

Anyway, from the photo, hopefully you can see the snow high enough to bury the depth of the tires, up to and covering a bit of the wheel, on our new vehicle, and that is the answer to prayer.

I wrote in Answering Prayers on 3 December 2020 that we started praying and researching in late May for this car purchase and everything came together just before Thanksgiving to make it happen, but the all-wheel drive was put to the test on 16 December and 17 December 2020. 

We had Doctor appointments on 16 December.  There was between 3 and 4 inches of snow on the ground when we left, and it snowed hard during the trip and while at the doctor.  The only time that I lost control on the way home was a right-hand turn into a left-hand turn, going downhill, going a little too fast (2nd gear) in order to make a traffic light.  I hit a patch of ice and all four tires slid sideways until I hit a little snow slush and they got me going in the right direction.  One of those “weeee!” moments and we hit nothing, only sliding sideways for about a foot.  Enough to make the drive “interesting.”

With about six inches of snow upon getting home, we turned around at the house and backed into the driveway.  The next morning, 17 December, our tire ruts were filled, and another 6-7 inches fell on top of that.  When I took my wife to kidney dialysis, we plowed through.  I drove straight onto the carport upon my return and then plowed in reverse to get out, through more than a foot of snow in spots, scraping the undercarriage, and averaging over ten inches overall.  Our “Dragon” can motor through anything.  The Dragon will be officially named by our grandchildren.

When my sister called the next day to see if we were snowed in, I told her that if we still had only the old car, we would be stuck until spring or I would have a heart attack shoveling heart-attack snow (4-5 inches of snow to make an inch of water – often causing heart attacks since it is a lot of weight to shovel – when usual PA snow is around 10 inches of snow to an inch of water).  We had great snow for a snowman or a snowball fight, but not shoveling.  If it had been colder, we might have had 2-3 feet of snow (if you do the math).  I had to thank my sister for her vehicle recommendation, as we were not snowed in.  My wife safely made it to the dialysis center on 17 December and I safely picked her up.

All thanks to God.  God showed us that waiting for the right moment, with the right guidance and good research, was the best choice.  The right moment came at the right time.

Sometimes our timing is not God’s timing and we do not wait.  I have plenty of experience in that, but it is like the “test of faithfulness” yesterday.  When we rely on God and trust in His guidance, God is faithful, and out waiting unto the Lord was a test of our faithfulness.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. I fell in love with all wheel drive vehicles when I lived in Maine. Smart choice.

    Thank you, Mark, for the scripture at the top of this post. I needed that reminder right now. My husband logged into his VA medical records a few hours ago and discovered that three of the twelve biopsies that were done on December 18 are cancerous. I’m having trouble breathing right now. I know you know that feeling all too well.


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