Wearing Red on Pentecost – A Strange Twist

Picture a retired couple.  They’ve been to church on Pentecost Sunday.  After dining with church friends, they get home about 2:00pm.  The husband is wearing a red tie, a matching red hat, and red socks.  His wife has on a red dress.  They are tired.  As they walk in the door of their home, the wife says that she hopes her husband doesn’t mind, but she was going to take a nap.  The husband says he doesn’t mind and makes a bee-line for the couch and the start of the golf tournament.


The husband takes off his nice Sunday shoes and carefully puts them away, but when he gets to the red socks, he carelessly tosses them on the floor.  Before you judge him, the placement of the socks is important.  He didn’t want to go into the bedroom, where the clothes basket was, and wake his wife.  He takes off the tie, hat, and shirt.  He lies down on the couch, turns on the television, and gets his books and tablet ready.  Within the next three hours, he barely notices who is winning the golf tournament.  He reads from several books, for both mystery novels and a study of Jesus’ miracles.  He plays a few games on the tablet and his phone.  And he elevates his legs to cut down on the swelling.


When his wife emerges from the bedroom after her nap, she is wearing one of her favorite sets of pajamas, red pajamas with penguins on them, trying to ‘keep it cool’.  With the path to the clothes hamper now available, the husband picks up the red socks.  He remembers why he wore red.  When he does so, he notices her red pajamas.


He quips, “Looks like you are still in the red motif for Pentecost.  Sorry, I’m not wearing anything red at the moment.”


Then it strikes him hard.  He had just been reading A. W. Tozer before he went to church about worshipping Jesus all of the time, not for just an hour on Sunday morning.  Mark Batterson, in The Grave Robber, talks about marveling at the great and small works of God, like ensuring that the sun comes up each morning or the chemical processes in our bodies that keep the body going.  Some ministers and Sunday School teachers have sent people home with homework.  The assignment is impossible to complete – to write down all of the things from the microscopic to the macroscopic that God has done in one day to keep us from dying.  Just to count everything at a cellular level would take more than a week.


Yet, once most of us leave the church, we are out of the worship mode.  We ask the others in the car if any stops are needed before we get home.  We are already planning what television we’ll watch, what books we’ll read, or what games we’ll play.  Daily devotionals are nice, but what do we do for the rest of each day?  Prayer without ceasing is mentioned in Acts 12, Romans 1, 1 Thessalonians 5, and 2 Timothy 1.  It is not easy, but when we enter a strong relationship with the creator of the universe, it is not hard.  The Holy Spirit will hover over us and within us as He did with the apostles on the Pentecost after Jesus was raised from the dead.  You simply worship Jesus, all the time.  Do we stumble?  Of course, but we get back up.  Can we worship while watching television or reading a book?  After we make sure that what we are being exposed to isn’t causing us to lose a step along our walk with God, we can glorify God in anything that we do.

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