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The following titles are linked to the posts with that title.  Starting on 7 July 2020, I posted essays on philosophy and other heavy subjects each Tuesday morning, Bible study lessons, starting with the Latter Epistles, each Thursday morning, and Bible quizzes each Saturday morning.  I had three general thoughts. 1) When I have devoted a week to a particular Bible study, the views of the posts have trailed off toward the end.  So, once per week and then continue the usual posts in the evening.  2) With the COVID lockdown, even with some churches having attended worship services (albeit limited with varied amounts of restrictions), Sunday school has been harder to kick start.  Thus, I am providing a weekly Bible study and Bible quiz.  I tested my format of the Bible study lessons with A Transitional Prophet.  Even though a study of Samuel does not relate to the latter epistles, I included it.  I had also put three quizzes together before this series started, including them here even though the format changed a bit.  3) The philosophy essays were based on one book at the beginning, but I had previously written two posts based on books by Søren Kierkegaard.  I included them here also, along with a 1 July post on Arthur Schopenhauer.  Once the philosophy essays ended, this weekly post has tackled other things, heavy subjects with the idea of not getting too heavy while discussing them.

I provide this page, which I hope to update, so that if you like a particular series, you will find all the installments below through the links.  If a title does not have a link, it is either very recent or it has not been posted yet.

Tuesday Posts – Heavy Topics made Lighter, Usually

Thursday Posts, Major Prophets – A Bible Study

Saturday Posts, Bible Quizzes

Thursday Posts, OT History Part 1 – A Bible Study

Thursday Posts, Poetry – A Bible Study

Thursday Posts, The Latter Epistles – a Bible Study

Thursday Posts, NT Prophecy – A Bible Study

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