My Wife, the Dreamer

My wife affirmed her faith in Jesus as a result of a vision 17 years ago.  She recently lamented that she hadn’t had a strong vision-type dream for a lot of years now.


Until a couple of nights ago…


This may be just a silly dream.  It was a humorous dream.  You can be the judge on whether it has a deeper meaning.


She dreamt that she was caught up in the rapture.  She told me that she went to heaven, and she took a little while to figure out what had happened.  She saw ‘people’ that looked like they were in charge, because they were carrying clipboards.  (Please, tell me that heaven does not have bureaucracy.)


She next bumped into an old friend who passed away about 25 years ago.  My wife is from Holland, and this friend, who she met in Augusta, GA., had met a sailor on leave in Rotterdam, married him and moved to the US.  My wife loved visiting with her and talking in the old language.  They were also in a prayer group together.


She asked people that she met about heaven.  She was told that she couldn’t fly until her ‘air-legs’ were fully developed, but she could swim.  She looked in the water and saw sharks.  She said that she wouldn’t swim there, but she was told that it was perfectly okay ‘to swim with the fishes.’


She had wondered where I was from the moment she got there.  Once she had visited with her friend, she started looking for me.  I was nowhere to be found.  She was getting concerned.  She ran into her youngest sister and her husband.  That confirmed that both husband and wife could be taken up in the rapture, so where was her husband?


In desperation, she approached one of the ‘people’ with the clipboards.  He(?) looked through the pages on his clipboard and confirmed that I was not taken up in the rapture.  My wife asked, “But why?  He studies the Bible.  He is a man of faith.”  The ‘person’ replied that I had been selected to stay.  I was strong in the Scriptures.  God had selected me to fight during the end days.  (I don’t consider myself strong in the Scriptures.  There is so much more to learn.  I marvel at those at church that can recite chapter and verse to hundreds of Bible verses.  I am great at internet searches, as long as I look things up in the King James Version.  Sorry, my brain is wired that way.  My children probably know the NIV best, while the grandchildren will learn a different translation.)


Thinking about the dream as prophetic, will we see the rapture in our lifetime?  Will the rapture be before, during, or after the Tribulation?  Will believers be left behind to fight along with the God-of-the-Angel-Armies?  You notice that I didn’t answer any of these.


For one thing, I think the “Swim with the fishes” line is priceless as well as the concept of developing your ‘air-legs’.  I fear the idea of ‘people’ with clipboards, but remember that Ezekiel and the Apostle John described things with the words that they had at their disposal.  Will the gates of the new city be giant pearls or was the Apostle John shown something that he couldn’t understand and ‘giant pearl’ was the best way to describe it?  The ‘people’ with clipboards are probably seen by biblical prophets as angels with scrolls.  We see what we know.


Do I like the idea of staying behind and fighting?  Not really.  I don’t like pain and hardship.  Does anyone?  But I have asked God many times since 1971 why my draft lottery number was “4”.  I got a graduate school deferment after completing my degree and ROTC.  I served in peacetime immediately after Vietnam.  For what war was God preparing me?  Why did my chemical engineering career get so quickly derailed by military service?  What was God’s plan?


My wife’s dream has gotten me to thinking for the past 24 hours.  What portions of her dream were literal?  What portions were figurative?  Was her dream simply a silly dream or something prophetic?  She seems to remember all of her dreams in infinite detail.  She is another Joseph (Genesis 37), but she isn’t that good at interpreting dreams (Genesis 40 and 41).


Before anyone says that my wife is crazy, remember that ‘old men (or women) will dream dreams’.  In Joel 2: 28, the prophetic dreams are after the Holy Spirit comes.  In Acts 2: 17 it is in the end days.


Is the end near?  My wife is starting to dream dreams.  Who knows?  All we can do is study God’s word, pray, spread the word of Jesus and His Love to others, and look to the skies.

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