Suspending Wimsey

As Dorothy L. Sayers did with her protagonist, I am suspending Wimsey for a few weeks at least.  I may gather humorous stories or off-the-wall stories in a month or so and start again.  (Thinking of off-the-wall stories, when our boys were young, my mother took care of them while my wife and I went on a few job interviews.  Our younger son was getting into everything.  When my mother escaped one escapade, she muttered in our older son’s hearing, “Your brother in driving me up the wall.”  Our son starts to stare at the seem between the ceiling and the wall, and he finally asks,”What do you do up there, Grandma?”


In the place of Wimsey will be the remaining portions of “Where is the Love?”  Parts 1 and 2 have been posted on Saturdays with Part 3 today.  I have five other concepts of which I am thinking, but I don’t know if they will fully develop into a post.


Dorothy L. Sayers suspended Lord Peter to devote her life to the translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy.  My work does not compare to hers, but I strive onward.


Please reply below if you miss Wimsey, and be specific whether you miss Lord Peter Wimsey or Wednesday with Wimsey.



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