Vampire Love, Where is the Love? – Part 7

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16


There are a lot of issues that are more important than ‘vampire love’.  The vampire phenomenon in the world today will probably go the way of many fads.  Yet, hula hoops made a comeback.  Vampires, or the stories about them, have been around for a long time.  Yet, it is possible that the overall rejection of God in the mainstream has a created void in two areas of secular consciousness, the romance of a safe love story and the concept of eternal life.


In John 3:16, Jesus explains both of these concepts to Nicodemus in one short sentence.  But remember that the mainstream of western society has rejected God and the Bible.  They need to fill the void.  If you go online and do an Internet search on ‘vampire phenomenon’ you’ll get a lot of PhD dissertations, psychology studies, sociology studies, etc.  The bottom line in most of these is Love or Immortality.


I have two sons, 41 years old and 38 years old.  When they were first starting to date, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were common talk among their generation.  Some of the modern vampire series authors have stated that the youth of today are concerned about STDs on top of the raging hormones.  In vampire stories, they get the classic romance novel (or some mysteries with romance added) without the sex.  In this manner, the youth readers can be lost in a love story without the fear of transmitting a disease or contracting one.  I find this bizarre.  If a vampire bites you and sucks your blood, would not that be the ultimate transfer of blood borne pathogens?  Not to mention of the entire undead thing.  Some of the authors write specially treated donor blood into the novel as an alternative, but the transfer of blood is a key factor.


I have recently completed the second of the James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell Sanguine Series.  My wife was interested and since I devour novels and she savors them, I made it through two of the books that she got for herself, before she had a chance to start.  The Sanguines are a group of priests that hide in the shadows of the Vatican.  They are essentially vampires, but they are sworn to their doctrine of only drinking the consecrated wine.  Catholics believe that the wine literally becomes the blood and body of Christ.  The authors have used this belief to keep the Sanguines going and allowing them to be out when the sun is shining and other non-vampire capabilities.  The series might offend the deeply religious Christian.  I will admit that I was uncomfortable.  One of the main characters is a Sanguine, Father Rhun Korza.  He starts off in the series thinking of himself as cursed, without a soul.  Since he follows the Christian way, as much as a Sanguine can, he is torn.  If he could reverse the curse, he would become mortal, but his soul would be restored.  Of course, each book has an evil force that must be vanquished so that you continue to turn the pages.


The reason for bringing that series up in more detail is that in spite of the convoluted ‘theology’ that may be portrayed in the series, it makes it clear in the character of Rhun Korza that immortality by means of the vampire method is a curse in exchange for the Christian view of death of the body in the first life and then immortality in Glory with God.


Yet, many of the studies on the Internet talk of a thirst for the immortality afforded by the vampire fantasy.  Most of these studies make no mention of John 3:16 at all.  After all, they are mostly scholarly studies.  The studies paint the desperation of the youth of today.  What most of the youth see is vampirism as the only thing available regarding everlasting life.


When encouraged to read in school, the youth of today can read the Twilight series, the Vampire Chronicles, the Vampire Diaries, and the Sanguine series.  In those books they’ll get their fill of love stories, adventure, and immortality.  If they want their hate to be filled for a thousand years, they can read Mein Kampf.


But where is the Bible?  Oh, no!  Let’s not fill our children with such nonsense.  It’s unconstitutional.  Having a Bible in the school library is not allowed.  It might damage their self-esteem.


Pray that when the fad of the Vampire Phenomenon has run its course that there is a Bible nearby to fill the void.


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