What a Day

I woke up at 5:30am.  I had wanted to get my hair cut, so the early hour didn’t bother me.


I put my socks on the wrong feet.  It’s not that it matters.  The socks were identical, except for the company logo embroidered on one side.  I fought my OCD nature to remove the socks and correct the situation.  On big matters, I’m not OCD at all.  I’m OCD about silliness.  No, the socks would remain with the logos facing each other, rather than on the outside.  With long pants, no one will know.  (Except me!)


I did my morning computer stuff and devotions.  I went to the barbershop 45 minutes before he opened.  I was first in line.  Yay!  No waiting.  First time ever!  Of course, there was the 45 minutes, but I had two books.  I would be able to finish a book by Dr. David Jeremiah and then go on to some fun stuff.


Just before the barber arrived – a little late, a grandmother came up with a boy that had to be about eight-years-old.  He had pink spots on his face and a large glob of pink goo in his hair.  We quickly learned that the pink goo was silly putty.  She had to get the silly putty out and get him to school.  My thought was “The first time I’ve ever been first in line at the barbershop! No!”  His grandmother turned to the boy and said that he’d have to go to school with silly putty in his hair.  She couldn’t wait to be third in line.


The barber asked who was first.  He usually got indignant if anyone tried to cut in line, used a tale of woe, etc.  I turned to the guy who arrived ten minutes after I did.  He had no problem with the wait, so we all got our morning entertainment.  The boy wanted a buzz cut, but the boy’s mother and father had both called the barber forbidding it.  (That’s the reason the barber was late getting to work.  Two different parental pleas for some hair to be left on the kid’s head.)


We all laughed while the barber carefully cut the boy’s hair.  The barber interrogated the boy when grandma went down the block to get cash for the haircut.  The boy had a couple of different stories, but never admitted that he did it.  His giggles and shifty eyes gave him away though.


By the way, the procedure for removing silly putty from hair can be painful.  Don’t try this at home.


When I got back to the house, I noticed that the odometer read 86363.  If I just drove five miles, I would have a palindrome (83638 – reading the same forward or backward).  I love palindromes.  These days, I look for them rather than the major milestones of 10,000 or 100,000 miles.  Those milestones were interesting with the old mechanical odometers.  The rolling over was so exciting with so many tumblers rolling at once.  With the digital odometer, I prefer the palindrome.


I went home.  I had one of my rare writer’s blocks.  My wife and I talked at the kitchen table.  She was making greeting cards.  Our youngest grandson has a birthday soon.  I had already spent money on a haircut, but I suggested that we blow more of our children’s inheritance and go out to lunch.  Nothing was five miles away, but I would be able to see the palindrome during our journey.


We drove to a Mexican restaurant about 16 miles away.  Halfway there, I remembered the palindrome.  I had missed it by three miles.  Rats!  That was the whole point of the drive.  Now, the restaurant meal seemed to be an awfully poor additional expense.


During the meal, my brain had one of its odd misfires.  It said, “Bite down hard.”  I had a fork in my mouth.  I chipped a tooth.  I have no idea why I bit the fork.


Now my brain was thinking, “You have a dentist appointment next week.  Even a blind dentist could see a rough spot on a front tooth where the enamel has been freshly chipped away.  What will you use as an excuse?”


Isn’t it obvious?  I told my brain, “I had my socks on the wrong feet!”


This is not a humorous story for the sake of a good laugh.  The excuse is the source of superstitions.  The Devil works hard in our lives to place anything in our paths that will cause us to have faith in anything other than God.  Now, don’t walk underneath a ladder.  Something might fall on your head.  That’s common sense and being safety-minded.  Yet, what about the card readings, tea leaves, horoscopes, and Chinese fortune cookies (except for the one that says, “Help!  I’m being held captive in a fortune cookie factory!”).  Those are things that we might think as frivolous fun, but they could lead to us relying on silliness instead of God.


I chipped my tooth because I was distracted and an odd synapse misfired.  Don’t worry, the chip was off the face of the tooth.  I don’t have a gap in my smile.



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