Rejected Calls 3 – A Place of our Own

As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.”

Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

  • Luke 9:57-58


There are so many ways to look at this.  We’ll look at a few.


  • It won’t be easy. As Oswald Chambers said, “These words destroy the argument of serving Jesus because it is a pleasant thing to do.”  It reminds me of a mission trip for disaster relief.  One person exclaimed when they saw a tent city, ”This won’t do.  All of the other mission trips – We were put up in a nice hotel.”  When the camp director handed out schedules for cooking food, cleaning the showers, etc., I feared a general mutiny.  What part of “Take up your cross and follow Me” did you think was the easy part?


  • What about not having a home of your own? My wife and I moved to the Pittsburgh area in 1996.  I had been out of work more than working for the two years prior.  We had no money.  We had tons of debt.  And I figured that if we tried to buy a house, we’d be turned down due to the spotty work history.  So, we rented.  I hung onto my job for nearly twenty years, but there were a lot of layoffs to survive.  Each time, “No pay raises this year and we’ll have a temporary pay cut.”  I never had the confidence to think about buying a house.  All of this being said, we’d love to have a house of our own.  My church friends complain about the work that they put into their beach cabin, lake house, or mountain home.  Their lives are so hard, but we envy them.  Crap!  There goes the tenth commandment again.


  • For those with two homes, there is a lot of maintenance involved. You have to constantly be working on something at one location or the other.  There is so much time lost when a contractor needs a key or you go there to winterize the house.  A lot of miles and a lot of hours.  How many of those friends with multiple homes are thinking about the next improvement project during the sermon on Sunday?  I’m not pointing fingers, but your mind can never be totally on a complete surrender to Jesus when your possessions possess you.


  • Everywhere that you go, there are people who have never lived anywhere else in their lives. Sure, family is there, but it isn’t just family.  We have known people who stay in the town of their birth when all other living relatives have left.  There is comfort there.  Even though the town changes, it changes slowly.  Everything is familiar.  When the new shopping center opens, it may cause some anxiety due to traffic patterns changing and the discount store running your old faithful stores out of business.  Yet, in time, you adjust to the change.  It’s weird when you grew up in a town and visit after a twenty year absence.  Nothing is in the right place, but those who never left are confused by your confusion.  That store has been there for 15 years.  God may want us to ‘get out more.’


Oswald Chambers continued his discussion of Luke 9:58 with this:


“And the strictness of the rejection that He demands of me allows nothing to remain in my life, but my Lord, myself, and a sense of desperate hope.  He says that I must let everyone else come or go, and I must be guided solely by my relationship to Him.  And He says, “… the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”


I hope you have a cell phone.  Jesus may be calling you to say, “Road trip!”  Don’t reject the call.

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