Reflections of a Newbie Blogger

On 3 July 2017, I started my blog.  At the time, I really had no idea what a blog was.


Before this time, I had followed the Ben Witherington III blog for a while until the company where I worked sent out an edict prohibiting the opening of blog sites on a company computer, even during lunch or when you took your laptop home.  As soon as you unlocked the screen, ‘Big Brother’ watched your every key stroke.  I asked the IT manager, and he said that some people were getting into heated political discussions and the company didn’t want any connections with such controversies that could come back to the company.  My home computer wasn’t working at the time, so I lost track of the blog.  Other than that two year experience reading one blog site, I had no idea what a blogosphere was.  But God had other plans.


When I lost my job in 2014, I was concerned about income.  I thought that I was too young to retire.  I had written some Sunday school material.  I asked God if I should sell the material.  The answer came back over and over, “Give it away.”  God was reassuring me that He would provide.  There I was with practically no resources, and my wife and I were left to rely upon God each day.  That made me think of the Lord’s Prayer.  “Give us, this day, our daily bread.”  Then tomorrow, I’ll pray again.


But how should I give it away?  The Great Commission came to mind.  I was to spread Good News to all of the corners of the earth.  Well, I had posted things on Facebook, but that was ineffective.  Then it hit me, a blog, whatever that was.


My son in Nebraska, the one with internet savvy, invited us for a vacation at their home in Nebraska.  While we were there, I bent my son’s ear.  It was most helpful to start the site while visiting and ask a lot of questions.  He taught me about social media as well.


I was off and running, but still working on blind faith.


I soon learned that there is a ‘blogosphere’ out there.  In a way, it is like another social media community.  I hope I have contributed, but more importantly, I hope that God directs people to the answers that they are looking.  As Johann Sebastian Bach wrote on all of his compositions, SDG, Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God alone).


What I also learned is that while I started out trying to share stories from my faith journey, spreading the word of God’s love to all the earth, God was sending me further down the path of my journey.  I was learning as I wrote and edited.  Scripture was moving from my subconscious to my conscious mind to guide me.  God guides you.


With all of these Christian bloggers on the Internet, why would God want me to join?  My posts are largely anecdotal.  I hope to do more scripture studies from a layman’s point of view.  Think about it.  God wasn’t satisfied with one Gospel of the life, sacrificial death, and resurrection of Jesus.  There are four.  People are different.  People process information in different ways.  If they are willing to spend some time with a story teller, I might be able to serve the Lord in such a manner.


Why am I writing about my blog?  I just had my 100th post, not counting the pages.  Like it says in this post’s title, I’m a Newb, an old guy, but still a Newb.  Aren’t we all considered children of God?  It’s okay to be a Newb.


People from six continents have viewed posts on this site.  (I might wait a long time for Antarctica.)  When I saw that, the Great Commission was my first thought, spreading the Good News to all corners of the earth, one post at a time.


My prayer:  “Thank you, Lord, for guiding me in this journey.  I have only taken the first step or two, but the words that you have guided me in writing have reached six continents and a bunch of island nations.  More important, they have touched my heart and helped me to grow in faith.  Give me the strength to go on.  I trust that You will provide when the ink runs low and the computer finally dies.  It’s exciting, wondering where You will take me next when it comes to the ideas for topics.  It is also exciting to learn from where will be the next visitor.  Please, Lord, guide my words so that they can help someone on their journey and guide the person that can be helped the most by my stories to this site.  Lord, guide me, and protect my wife and me.”


Thank you for reading, and may God bless you.  S. D. G.


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  1. and might I add that hats run in the family 🙂


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