A Troubled Girl

When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to him (Jesus), and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick.

  • Matthew 8:16


Yesterday’s post told a story from our grandson’s point of view, but the main player in the action was a young girl.  Go to this link (Attempted Murder) if you haven’t read it.  She said that she wanted to die and placed a plastic bag over her head.


At this moment I feel compelled to use the famous catch phrase of Paul Harvey.  “And now, for the rest of the story.”


I knew a young boy who thought of suicide at about nine years old.  He didn’t express his views to his parents until he was a few years older.  His parents sat down with him and explained that life hadn’t been easy.  They explained their decisions that led the family to that place, at that time.  They told him of all of the things for which he should be grateful.  They told him that they loved him.  They thought their talk had worked to help the boy realize his blessings, but the boy had simply decided to stay silent.


He was excelling in school, but the thought of committing suicide went from a thought to an obsession.  He started doing cuttings.  It was a cry for help.  He was sent to a counselor.  Again, he chose to shut down rather than crawl out.  He quit taking the medication, because it made his head fuzzy.  He wanted to think clearly.  I have talked to others who really needed the medication, and they never had a fuzzy feeling.  Maybe he needed a different medication.  It turned out, in his case, he needed something else.


The young boy grew up to be a very intelligent and gifted young man.  He excelled in college, but he still was obsessed with suicide.  One day, while still in college, he decided that this weekend was the weekend.  He decided he was going to die, but his friend invited him to a Christian retreat.  He tried to get out of it, but his friend would not accept ‘no’ for an answer.  The first night, the speaker said that he sensed that someone was thinking of suicide.  At that moment, everyone else disappeared in the young man’s mind.  It was just the speaker and the troubled young man.  That night he accepted Jesus into his life.  His life hasn’t been easy since then, but the thoughts of suicide have gone away.  Jesus had healed him.


Now let’s look at the little girl.  She has a history of erratic behavior.  She has said that she wants to die.  Both of those behaviors are cries for help.  The plastic bag over her head points toward escalation and obsession over death.


The girl needs help.  She needs a wise professional counselor who can work through her issues to reach the root of her fears.


She needs parents who understand that this may be a long road, but one that cannot be ignored.


She also needs God in her life.


She needs prayer from all who read this and any prayer warrior to whom you can pass the word.


Jesus saves.  That’s for sure, but Jesus is also the Great Healer.  Praise the Lord.


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