Jeremiah (Part 5), Delusional ‘Wise’ Men

“‘How can you say, “We are wise,
for we have the law of the Lord,”
when actually the lying pen of the scribes
has handled it falsely?
The wise will be put to shame;
they will be dismayed and trapped.
Since they have rejected the word of the Lord,
what kind of wisdom do they have?
Therefore I will give their wives to other men
and their fields to new owners.
From the least to the greatest,
all are greedy for gain;
prophets and priests alike,
all practice deceit.
They dress the wound of my people
as though it were not serious.
“Peace, peace,” they say,
when there is no peace.
Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct?
No, they have no shame at all;
they do not even know how to blush.
So they will fall among the fallen;
they will be brought down when they are punished,
says the Lord.

  • Jeremiah 8:8-12



I drive down the road and see a bumper sticker that says, “God is my Co-Pilot.”  I think, ”So, God isn’t directing your path.  You only go to God when you get into trouble.”


I hear someone doing a ‘minute for mission and they say, “God is on my side.”  I think, “I’d rather be on God’s side.”


How many times have I heard a speech that had nothing to do with Faith, Grace, Belief in God, or Salvation and the speaker quotes Romans 8:31, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”  That’s a great verse, but be careful.  Are you willing God to be for your idea, or is your idea part of God’s will?  One good test, if you answered the latter, is it really your idea, then?


The people of Jeremiah’s time did not listen to Jeremiah.  They had heard the rhetoric.  “We are the chosen people of God.”  Why should they ever worry?  They continued to worship and give sacrifices to false gods while thinking that they were invincible due to their being God’s people.  After all, God was their co-pilot.  God was totally ignored, but He was right there in the seat next to the one that was in charge.


As a reminder, it hadn’t been that long since Josiah had found the scriptures and had the scriptures read to the people.  When was the last time that you heard a book being read and could immediately have the details learned and incorporated into your behavior?  It takes repetition to really learn the words (in your head).  It takes doing what the scriptures say to really learn what it is all about and alter your behavior.


Have you ever attended a church where people say that I know that I am going to heaven, because I’m a member of this church?  Probably not, but as you talk to them and watch them, you will hear it in their attitude.  What you may have heard are the people who are asked to give a testimony of how they came to know God personally, and they say, “I’ve been a member of this church for 30 years.”  They don’t realize that their answer has nothing to do with the question.  It is marginally okay to be proud of where you go to church.  Some churches are blessed by God for a season, but it is still God’s church, and God wants you to worship Him, not the building.


In Jeremiah 8:10, Jeremiah talks about these ‘wise’ men who are all greedy for gain.  He speaks of the prophets and priests speaking nothing but deceit.  The king’s advisors were all out for what they could get out of the king.  They told the king what he wanted to hear.  Remember that Jeremiah used the excuse of being too young.  He didn’t look like the other prophets, and then he was the only one giving the people of Judah bad news.  No wonder they treated him badly.


Yet, in Jeremiah 8:11, Jeremiah mentions dressing a serious wound with a simple bandage.  The injuries that Judah did to themselves were severe.  Then Jeremiah was talking of peace when there is no peace.  Let’s look at peace today.  If we look globally, there has never been lasting peace in the world since the United Nations was formed.  The UN may be doing some good, but are their efforts effective?  If effective, are they efficient?  The frightening thing is that the UN wants to create a global government to solve the poverty problems and have everlasting peace.  The UN 2030 Agenda may fail the 2030 deadline, but if successful, all nations would be subject to this new government.  It would be the first time that the humans of the world were under one ‘government’ since the Tower of Babel.  That didn’t work out too well.


Unless we are united and worshiping the God of the universe, there will be no peace.  As long as the Devil is outside his cage, we will never be united.  That can be true in a single household, a local governing entity (like a town), or a global government, designed by man, to create peace in the world.


Besides, we know when peace will finally come to the earth.


And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain.  He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.  He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended.  After that, he must be set free for a short time.


I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.  They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands.  They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

  • Revelation 20:1-4


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