Surgery Successful

They say of some temporal suffering, ‘No future bliss can make up for it,’ not knowing that Heaven, once attained, will work backwards and turn even that agony into a glory. And of some sinful pleasure they say ‘Let me but have this and I’ll take the consequences’ little dreaming how damnation will spread back and back into their past and contaminate the pleasure of the sin.

–          C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce


No pleasure of sin here.


I had lithotripsy yesterday to remove a significant kidney stone.  The doctor never said how large, but it was big enough to not move on its on.  They used a laser instead of ultrasound.  I was doing great at first, so they sent me home – having spent Sunday night in the hospital.  Nearly 66 years old and my first overnighter in the hospital.


I am fine other than the usual aftermath from surgery that will pass as everything heals.


Praise the Lord, the stone is gone.


I think of the C. S. Lewis quote and I must imagine a day in heaven telling stories with my friends.


“Remember that time when the Merry Month of May was not too merry?  I had three kidney stones.  I had three trips to the ER, admitted to the hospital once, five trips to the lab/clinic for testing, and seven doctor visits.  But God was with me the entire time.  I may have missed a weekday post on my blog for the first time in over six months, but God used that time for healing.  Regardless of what the doctors did, God saw to it that I pulled through.  Ain’t God good!”


It brings new meaning to my closing words.


Soli Deo Gloria.  Glory to God Alone.


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  1. thank you God for the doctors and for your healing power – block any further development of stones – amen – good to see you on the mend brother

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  2. Trusting that you are surrounded by the healing power of God and that all will be well. Blessings.

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