Earthly Blessings – A Bible Study

Over the next eight days that follow, I will be sharing a series of lessons on Earthy Blessings.


These lessons were written as a Bible Study book that never got published.  I reserve the right to publish it in book form at a later date, but you may copy the chapters for your personal use or use at your church if you desire, just no further distribution please.


It was this Bible Study and another that is being edited that I was praying over when God touched my heart to start a blog and essentially give this Bible Study away.  I trusted in God’s urging.


There are two reasons why I am publishing these posts now, later to be turned into pages under the main blog heading.


1) My wife saw the cardiologist yesterday.  His recommendation is to proceed as soon as possible with the surgery, but we need to have the surgeon’s opinion as to whether my wife should have heart surgery now or later and by what method.  That appointment has not been made yet.  As a result, I am distracted.  I have hundreds of ideas for blog posts but nothing is bubbling to the surface, except for the Bible Study that had started the entire thing.  I will be continuing to write as I feel led, but if surgery is eminent, I will need to stay ahead of the curve on writing to take days off when necessary.

2) I started this blog in early July of 2017.  After more than a year and about 350 posts, it is about time that I shared these Bible Study lessons.

Each of the lessons will have the following format:

0 Structure


Main Body

Each lesson will start with a testimony, of sorts.  It will discuss how people look toward the subject and some biblical references about the subject.  All will be fairly long reads.

The lessons will have the following titles:










Since the First Draft

I wrote the original book in 2015.  I was out of work for part of the time and working contract work for part of the time.  When I reviewed the Bible Study, over 20 chapters, I realized that it covered two basic topics instead of one and a lot of the writing was a catharsis.  With better direction, I deleted most of what I wrote, and added this section in each chapter to refocus on the basic topic of “What do we have faith in.”


Red Letters

In many printed Bibles, the words of Jesus are printed in red letters.  Rather than to solely assert my viewpoint, I felt it important to state what Jesus said about that topic.  Most of the scripture is quoted from the NIV, otherwise noted.




This section provides discussion questions for group discussions.  All of the questions should be explored by each individual, but some may be too personal in a group setting, depending on the trust that the group has with one another.



This question is possibly the most personal.  The dedication question is not intended for you to give away everything to follow Jesus, but Jesus did ask many to do so.  The intent of the question is basically examine your heart to see if you could.



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  1. July 25, 2018 — 4:45 pm

    I look forward to reading your studies and will pray for your wife and your family as you face the unknown. God will give you the answers you need. When you take comfort in your decisions, you will know He is answering your prayers. My heart is with you.

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  2. This should be good

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