Nebuchadnezzar All Over Again – Maybe

Even as the words were on his lips, a voice came from heaven, “This is what is decreed for you, King Nebuchadnezzar: Your royal authority has been taken from you.  You will be driven away from people and will live with the wild animals; you will eat grass like the ox. Seven times will pass by for you until you acknowledge that the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes.”

Immediately what had been said about Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled. He was driven away from people and ate grass like the ox. His body was drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like the feathers of an eagle and his nails like the claws of a bird.

  • Daniel 4:31-33

Upon the date of the writing of this post, I have been overcome by a dread fear.  My wife has expressed this fear for a few years now.  Today, she said that our next stop in our errands was one thing when it was entirely another.  I questioned what she meant to say, and she corrected her statement.  She then lamented that she was making such errors more often these days.

Then, I had to confess.  For this last step in our errands, I had dropped her off at the grocery, gone to get gas, and then returned.  But that was not the entire story, although the gas pumps were just at the end of the grocery parking lot.

I was blessed with multiple pumps that were available.  I pulled up to the first pump, last in numbering, number eight.  I went to the pump and scanned my advantage card.  The pump asked if I wanted to use the discount, which I did.  I scanned my payment card and entered my PIN.  I removed the spout from the pump, and at that moment I realized that I had not unlocked the fill cap door for the car’s gas tank. 

Now I could not replace the spout without cancelling the transaction.  There was no one around to hold the spout while I ran around the car to reach the unlock mechanism.  I panicked.  I then turned around, spout in hand, to gain inspiration and the miracle of miracles happened.  Someone had removed the little door on the car.  There was no little door to unlock.  It took me a few seconds to realize that I had driven up to the gas pump on the wrong side.  Note:  Within a couple of weeks, we will go past the 100,000 mile mark on our car.  That means that we have filled the car around 500 times so far.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

I replaced the spout (Praise the Lord that I did not just throw away my discount on zero gallons being purchased!), got in the car, and moved forward, losing my place in line.  But pump 6 was open and I did a 180 degree turn and pulled up to the pump – the proper way, performing all duties in the proper manner.

I only write this as a word of warning.  If I don’t post at the appropriate time or I skip a day or two, place me on your prayer list.  If I post a simple one-word post and that word is “Moooo,” it may be too late.

All kidding aside, we all have expiration dates.  There will be something that may not be entitled “last post.” But it happens.  For Nebuchadnezzar, the chapter continues and the Scripture above was not his last act.  He was restored.  Note:  In the Scripture above, there is a condition for the release from his punishment.  He had to admit that God was supreme and God over all.

Maybe it won’t be too late for me after all.  And maybe I am a bit stressed at the moment.  God is good, all the time.  He will see me through this moment in life, and He can see you through the tough times also.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Been there…at the pump!

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  2. It makes me feel good to know that I’m not the only one that has weird experiences like this. BTW in your last few posts there seems to be something wrong with your space bar,

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  3. yep—backed up, turned around and 180d many times myself…
    not my fault mind you—I blame the pumps 🙂

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