Sharing is caring. This is installment four of a series by Kathy Boecher. It is great food for thought.


We know that people suffered from many skin issues. I imagine it being caused by exposure to the sun and other outdoor elements. Some of it may have been caused by bugs, irritating the eyes as they worked outside. Many times they would pour oil on their heads to keep the bugs away. (anointing with oil.) There are accounts of those with Leprosy, sores and boils. Different names to a lot of the ailments we know today. Many times this disease would cause the loss of limbs and slow death of the body.

There is reference to female problems such as an issue of blood one woman was healed from through her faith in Jesus. Depending on the culture, many women were brutalized sexually. Sexual organs mutilated as an act of dominance.  It’s hard to believe, but this still goes on in certain areas of the world.

We hear about Peter’s…

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