Ignoring Objective Truth

So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

  • Genesis 1:27

“An open mind, in questions that are not ultimate, is useful. But an open mind about ultimate foundations either of Theoretical or Practical Reason is idiocy. If a man’s mind is open on these things, let his mouth at least be shut.”

  • C. S. Lewis, Abolition of Man

I have no idea where this post is going.  I have an idea where it is starting, and it may be multiple parts.  But we need to stop the insanity in our world today.  (In retrospect, after finishing the draft, I hardly touched the topic, but it is too complex.  I wish to study the myth of relative truth and the exponential frequency in language change for future posts.)

I have become addicted to Rev. David Robertson’s Quantum podcasts that he shares on the Wee Flea and a few video interviews that he posts from time to time.  But the latest post from his podcast, added more burden in my mind to previous things that he has introduced.  One item of interest originated with Steve McAlpine, the concept of hundreds of gender identities.  On the Wee Flea, Rev. Robertson gives a link to a BBC telecast where the BBC speakers (no idea who they are or what credentials they hold) are indoctrinating young people, possibly pre-teens, in the theory that there are more than one hundred gender identities.  Rev. Robertson retorts in the latest Quantum regarding the BBC program, “Why not thousands?” or words to that effect.  My request is that they carefully define with measurable results 50, 20, 10 of these ‘identities.’

First, the BBC speaker states this as fact.

Second, the look on the children’s faces is a combination of confusion and horror.

I like that last word.  My wife loves horror shows.  Okay, she likes the ones with monsters, but she hates the slasher movies.  The stuff in-between is a coin flip.  On the other hand, I was about ten years old when I saw a fairly tame sci-fi show on television.  Watching it was just a test, to see if my mother and I might like it.  It was tame, but I did not close my eyes that night, thinking that those slow-moving, not very dangerous aliens from outer space might be lurking next door.  To the north, the house to the south was where my mother’s parents lived at the time.  I was pretty sure, but not confident that night, that my grandparents were not aliens from outer space.  Thus, I watch horror movies only under protest with the thought that I can simply leave the room.

The BBC video clip scared me equally to that old TV program.  No wonder people want to pick and choose what they consider to be Truth.  What the children are being taught is a tale of horror at best, and a pack of lies.

The Scripture above states it clearly.  On the sixth day, God made Adam and Eve, male and female.  God did not make 100s or 1000s of different genders.  He did not do that with any of the animal species.  Yes, there are androgynous species out there, but other than the clownfish, most can change their coloration or some other aspect of their appearance for safety reasons, self-preservation, or even mating.  In each school of clownfish, there is one female, one male mate, and the rest are male.  When the female dies, the mate becomes the female, and on it goes.  There are hermaphroditic species, possessing both male and female genitalia, like worms, snails, and barnacles.

But when this happens in human reproduction, something along the way went wrong.  As Rev. Robertson says in A.S.K., transgender people occur less than 0.1 percent of the time or about one in one thousand.  We should be sensitive to these people.  They had nothing to do with how they were born or what went wrong during development in the womb, but do we have to throw the baby out with the bath water in the process?  (The old saying was used since we are talking about an abnormality at birth.)  For the 99.9% of us, it should be clearly defined what sex the baby is at birth.  Rev. Robertson has mentioned boys who choose to be considered a girl, under the guise of modern thinking, making for complications in sports, with the least of these an unequal playing field.

But to a certain extent, Christians, and others who are reasonably intelligent and, might I say, sane, have remained silent as our school systems have adopted an education on the principles of evolution while silencing any ideas regarding creation.  (Yes, they were once far from silent, but those among us that have an aim of destruction-from-within have a great deal of patience.  They keep trying until no one notices.)  The argument that Genesis 1:27 mentions only male and female would be thrown out in debate.  Creation requires belief in creation.

Timeout!  Evolution requires belief in evolution.  There are missing links in what the evolutionists call the evolutionary chain for every species.  They thought they had fossils of every link for horses.  You may find reports to that effect, but if you do, they never mention that horse fossils in earlier rock formations have found both larger and smaller horses.  Thus, the difference could be breeding, still done today to get larger horses and smaller ones.  Or the difference could be evolution and the carbon dating is wrong.

Ouch, did I say carbon dating might be wrong or the method might not be foolproof?  Yes, I did, but let’s look at the options from the horse idea.

If the different fossils are simply a matter of breeding, evolution goes out the window entirely.  But if the dating might be flawed or the evolutionary chain is flawed, you need a monumental amount of faith and belief to overcome its shortcomings and still believe in evolution.  Thus, evolution is either dead wrong or it requires an immense amount of faith.  And if it is false, we are teaching our children a lie, while God’s Truth is staring us in the face.

The age of the universe is based on the expansion of the universe and then back calculating, using a few assumptions, to when all was at a point of singularity, the Big Bang Theory.  Most Christians should have little problem in believing that it was God who spoke, as Genesis 1 states, and that should be one gigantic “Bang.”  Yet, how long have we known that the universe is expanding?  Do we have any proof, over centuries of measurements, that the universe is expanding and has always expanded at the present rate of expansion?  Did I say derivatives of the word ‘expansion’ enough times in one sentence to “blow” your mind?  The point is we must make assumptions based on limited data to calculate backwards over 13 billion years.  If those assumptions are just a fraction off, the universe’s age could be off by millions of years.  A 10% error in the assumptions could change the age of the earth, according to ‘science’, by over a billion years.

With these types of scientific ‘discoveries’, a great deal has to be assumed and as everyone knows when you assume something you make an a$$ out of you and me.  But it is okay for scientists to do that.  Right?

Our problem is that too many people actually listen to those people C. S. Lewis warned us about – those who have an open mind about objective, foundational reasoning.  They should have kept their mouth shut.

My point is that as we make assumptions, we add ‘belief’ into the science.  Yet, we teach our children as if evolution is proven fact, and many people scoff at Christians for believing in a “fairy tale.”  Then again, there are many Christians who have problems with Genesis 1.

We each must take God at His word.  And beware, picking and choosing the words of God that you ‘take’ as truth can be dangerous.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.

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