Lost Essays – Updated

I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body…

  • 2 Peter 1:13

This Scripture is Peter reminding everyone to remember.  I’m trying really hard, but I am having a hard time finding my brain’s reset button.

The following is not a reblog, but a revision and update.  I have watched television and thought of an excellent post idea.  I could have written it down, but I didn’t.  I have gone to bed and done the same thing.  Last night, I thought of something that I have thought of numerous times.  I figured that I could never forget it again, but alas …

Some of my best essay ideas are fully developed while I’m driving down the road or trying to get some sleep at night. I get so excited about the topic.  I think of scripture that can be used to back up what I want to write.  I might not remember chapter and verse, but I remember enough to be able to find the text once I can get to my Bible.  In some cases, I think of amusing or poignant stories that would illustrate the point.  At times, I am brought to tears.  This essay topic and how it is being developed in my mind is so, so perfect.

Then, I arrive at my destination, if driving, or I fall asleep, if lying down.  As a result, I forget what I was thinking about.

Sometimes, if God really wants me to write on the subject, it pops back into my head, days or weeks later, like this latest incident.  However, it seems that most of the time, it is simply gone.

When I get to the computer after driving or sleeping, I stare at a blank computer screen.  I ask God why nothing is coming to mind.  I remember my excitement about the topic.  …  I remember the feeling.  I simply cannot remember the topic.

This was frustrating, until I realized a nugget from God’s sovereignty.  If God wanted that topic to be published at that time, He would keep it in the forefront of my mind or remind me later when I’m ready to write about it.

But why waste ideas that make me excited?  Wouldn’t it make everyone excited?  The corollary to the aforementioned truth is also true.  If God wanted me to get excited about a topic, that’s between Him and me.  I got a wonderful blessing by sharing a one-on-one moment with the Creator of the universe.  My prayer time is pathetic, if you judge it on structure, form, schedule, etc.  But when I ponder a topic, that God had put into my head in the first place, I get to study (in my mind) the scripture that God had stored in my heart and relate it to that topic.  As the essay topic moves toward complete, perfect formation in my mind, my eyes are opened to a small slice of heaven.  I may think my essay is perfect, but I see true perfection in the Glorified Christ, maybe not in my writing.  Maybe that’s why I can’t remember it.  Maybe I am simply not ready for that ‘Lost Essay’ to be put on paper.

Peter, James, and John were told not to tell about the transfiguration until after the resurrection (Matthew 17:9).  Peter was so excited that he wanted to build shelters for Jesus, Elijah, and Moses.  He wanted the moment to be saved for all time.  Compare this to Jesus saying that He had no place to lay His head in Matthew 8:20.  Peter wasn’t in the mood to build a shelter then.  What changed?  The Glory that we who know the Lord will see in the next life is what Peter glimpsed for just a moment.  Why not share it now?  If we were like Peter, we would have babbled on and on about making shelters and no one would have a clue what we experienced.  People would start looking for the men in the white coats to come and get us.  The visions of heaven in the Old and New Testaments talk of things that don’t make sense at times.  How can a gate be made of a single pearl?  Anything is possible with God, but maybe it is something that looks like a pearl and John was at a loss for words.

Why do we forget these perfect moments in our lives?  Well, my comedy routine was nearly two weeks ago.  I forgot to mention a punchline – totally missed it.  The story was funny, but without the punchline, why tell it?  Then, I got tongue tied, with wrong words coming out of my mouth on two or three occasions, once during a punchline – bad form, Dude.  I could write this off as fatigue, stage fright, or something else (that I now can’t remember), but when you add to that the lost essays, I get the idea that there is more to this than I might be thinking.  Should I write this down to discuss with the doctor at my next wellness appointment in a month?  I better do it now, or I’ll forget.

I suppose that now I have one more thing to turn over to God.  He is sovereign.  He is very wise.  I’ll let Him figure it out.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Sometimes I think I just need to carry a tape recorder and create on the go!!!!

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  2. I try to write notes to myself but I always forget where it put the note or I can’t read my handwriting. Oh the blank mind of a writer 😳

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  3. be there done that – forgot to buy the T-shirt – I think you hit the nail on the head – knowing that I will forget the “brilliance” I think I have come up with as I drift off or drive (never at the same time I hope) I have simply started to say “if this is what you want me to write about remind me of it later” – there are those times that I ignore the fact I have prayed this prayer and end up trying to remember which is just a waste – God did remind me so I don’t need to remember!

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