Tell The Story Challenge…Again!

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

  • Matthew 28:20b

I was given three images and three words.  I chose one of the images.  The three words were:  Darkness, Eternity, and Forgiveness. (Used in that order)

Thank you, Amy Blount, at A New Life, for this inspiration.  With the things going on right now, I am a bit brain-fried.  I needed a kick in the right direction.  I have plenty to write about, but my mind wanders out of control, other than knowing that God is in control.

According to the rules, I should nominate three people, but to be honest, most people that I would love to nominate are busy this time of year.  I am so tired of rules…

So, to whomever is interested, think of any story, using any picture you can think of, based on the up-coming season, using these three words, used in order.




I’m thinking of one myself.  The following is my story.

Hide and Seek

Her friends asked her to count to one hundred and then she could start.  She hated numbers.  She always got confused, and she paused a few times while counting.  She was convinced that she counted the sixties three times, but does it matter?  When she finally gave up counting, she turned around to see nothing but rocks, grass, farmers’ fields, and mountains in the distance.

She was convinced that her friends had left her, and she was all alone.  There wasn’t an adequate hiding place for several hundred yards in any direction.  She was alone, and she started to become frightened.

The darkness loomed.  With mountainous country, it was easy to go from the dim, gray days of autumn to nearly total darkness in the wink of an eye.  She felt the clouds closing in around her, choking her.

She went back to counting.  This time she counted while she was looking, desperately looking for any sign of her friends.  With the cloud cover, there was no shadow to highlight footprints.  She had no clue what direction her friends had gone.  It seemed that she had studied the bent blades of grass for an eternity.

As darkness enveloped her, she sat down next to the rocks and started to cry.  As she cried, she remembered what Jesus said to His disciples.  Jesus would be with them to the end of the age.

She wasn’t alone.  Jesus was there.  She gained strength.  Instead of bowing her head in despair, she bowed her head in prayer.  Sure, she prayed for rescue, but she also gave thanks to God for being there with her.  She praised God for His faithfulness, not like those rotten friends who had abandoned her.

Then a feeling of cold came upon her, but there was no cool breeze.  The cold was from within.

She bowed her head once more and prayed for forgiveness of her sins, especially the sin of resenting her abandonment.  She even prayed that she could show her friends forgiveness for what they had done.

At that moment, she heard a strange chopping sound.  It frightened her worse than the loneliness.  Then she was bathed in light from a powerful searchlight.  As the light approached, there seemed to be strong winds coming from the light.

Then, one of her friends came from the light and took her by the hand.  Her friend said, “We have been searching for hours and we finally found you.  You obviously won the game of hide and seek, hands down.  For a reward, how would you like to take a helicopter ride, and she the lights of the town at night?”

Hide and seek?  We often say that we ‘found’ God, but was He hiding or were we hiding as Adam and Eve had done?  Was this girl the one hiding or seeking?  Does it matter?  In her time of need, she ‘found’ God and she found forgiveness.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.

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