An Inconvenient Lie

There was a Benjamite, a man of standing, whose name was Kish son of Abiel, the son of Zeror, the son of Bekorath, the son of Aphiah of Benjamin.  Kish had a son named Saul, as handsome a young man as could be found anywhere in Israel, and he was a head taller than anyone else.

  • I Samuel 9:1-2

Picture yourself as the head cheerleader.  Everyone in school praises you on your ability as a leader.  You believe them.  They lied.  Later in life, after your self-confidence and bravado got you minimal success, you are awakened to find yourself alone and scared.  There may be money in your pocket, but you’d give anything to have a true friend.

Picture yourself as the boss and you tell a joke.  Everyone laughs.  Do not believe the lie.  Do not quit your day job and apply at the comedy club.  They only laughed because you are the boss.  This might also apply to some preachers, but I’m trying to be nice today.

Now we come to a young man named Saul.  Saul was a head taller than anyone else.  You know the type from your youth.  They might be the star athlete.  In Saul’s case, he seems to be content as a follower, but then Samuel anoints him king of all Israel.  Because of his stature, he is hailed as a great king.  When he was first anointed king, the Spirit came upon him and he prophesied.  Yes, Saul is even a great man of God.  But when Saul believes the lie, the Spirit leaves him.  He is no longer the prophet.  His victories become defeats.  And he becomes prone to fits of rage.  “Why does no one respect me?  I am the king!”

I borrowed and flipped the title of Al Gore’s award-winning documentary.  I have not seen the documentary, but in seeing a shortened version of An Inconvenient Truth, I found it full of lies and misleading facts.  I would love to write more, but maybe another day.  The flipped title came to mind this morning.  Sometimes you are awakened at three in the morning and you waste your time, or you get mad at God for not letting you sleep, which is a waste of time.  I got the idea for this post.

Before I get back to the topic instead of climate change, let me say that I believe in climate change, I believe that humans are at fault – for no other reason than Adam and Eve eating a forbidden fruit, but for a lot more since then – and I believe that we should do all we can to be more environmentally responsible. I do not believe that the sky is falling right now, nor do I believe that humans fixing a problem ever fixed a problem – at least nothing on the global scale. If we were that good at fixing this, we’d think we were God. As for Al Gore’s tactics, comparing exhaust heat (not considering the gases polluting, just the heat) from industrial stacks worldwide is equivalent to setting off so many Hiroshima bombs every minute – scare tactics, fear mongering, and because he is not a scientist or engineer, he has no concept of useful versus waste heat.

The reason for these lies, regardless of topic, being inconvenient is that at some point, the truth hits you in the face and you realize that you aren’t such hot stuff after all.  You look around you to find nothing but toadies, praising you with even more outrageous lies.  That happened to Saul.  He becomes jealous of David and spends more time chasing someone who was loyal to him, loyal to the end, instead of chasing his enemies.  All because he believed the lie and his world began to unravel before him.

I think of the really tall guys that I have known.  They could all be placed into one of three categories:  Star Athlete, Bully, or Insecure, Uncoordinated Lummox.  Of course, the athlete could also be a bully.  One of those that I place in the “lummox” category, one of my sons’ friends, became a church pastor.  Bullies can be reformed.  But one thing that is constant is that height is noticeable, whether you wish to be noticed or not.  It all depends on which lie you listen to.

Satan is the master of lies.

Seek God.  Seek the Truth.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Even in Saul’s day, being tall must have been a noticeable advantage. Why else would the Bible mention that? But it must have been a cultural think since we know God does not look on outward appearance – at least not to be favored over inward appearance. Wasn’t David short or at least not above average? 😀

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    • I believe that you are right about David. At least all his brothers were taller and stronger. God had told the Israelites that they did not need a king, but they moaned and groaned wanting one. Saul was the physical specimen that the people could rally around, but at the same time, a test to all the people to be careful what you ask for.

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