My Son’s Status

My son has completed his therapy, except for the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. That will continue once per week and late in the day so that he can go back to work full time.

But there is a catch (not a complete Catch-22, however) regarding his return to work. Due to his disability and the school fearing liability if he falls, the school will not allow him to teach unless he is in a wheelchair. I bought the wheelchair, so that is not the problem, but the school wants the clinic, or some medical professional, to sign the papers allowing him to go back to work with the accommodation of a wheelchair.

The clinic required our son to sit in a wheelchair during therapy sessions, due to the possibility of falling. Our son is ambulatory, but he can lose his balance and fall. Yet, the clinic refuses to sign the paperwork for him to have the same accommodation at work. This would be a pure form of the Catch-22 except that the school could care less who signs the papers.

So, our son is waiting for the family doctor to return on Tuesday to sign the paperwork. Of course, our son will have to bring him up-to-date and if he cannot convince his doctor to sign, our son will have to roam from one doctor to another until he gets the paperwork signed. He is hoping by the end of the day Tuesday to have everything approved.

It will be odd. Our son will walk to the car, drive himself to work, pull out the wheelchair and then sit in it all day, then put the wheelchair back in the car and drive home.

But as of this moment, we praise God for the end of the bulk, and expensive part, of the therapy. We praise God that after a bit of administrative paperwork, our son will return to work. And we ask God to work through the EMDR to completely cure our son or get him to the point of needing no accommodations and little medication.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. This ping pong ball business is maddening— as is the lack of common sense vs the weight of lawsuits. I saw up close and personal how afraid schools are from lawsuits as our Special Ed director would lecture us every faculty meeting as to what we as teachers should and shouldn’t do or say to parents or kids— and inevitably someone wouldn’t remember and our powers that be would go into apoplexy fearing some sort of legal action— so afraid of legal issues that education was the after thought— prayers continue Mark !! And Thanksgiving for progress thus far!!!

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    • I think the clinic was also thinking of a lawsuit. They took our son for three weeks of therapy and after 9-10 weeks of therapy, he needed a wheelchair to function when he did not need it going into therapy. Not hard to connect the dots and figure out why they refused to sign the paperwork.


  2. There seems to always be a catch, I pray your son keeps getting better. And that you and your wife stay strong. There is never a catch when talking to Him. He knows us and what we need. Sometimes it is others he is trying to speak to through us. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  3. The system is broken – both medically and educationally. It takes forever to be heard anymore. At least your son is improving every day and will soon be back to normal. Hang in there, my friend.

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  4. I’m glad to read news of improvement. I hope that the proper papers are signed on Tuesday and your son’s life will come that much closer to normal. I’m praying for you all. J.

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  5. I’ve done emdr plenty of times and it’s a great help!

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