God’s Music

My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline,
    and do not resent his rebuke,
because the Lord disciplines those he loves,
    as a father the son he delights in.

  • Proverbs 3:11-12

“Oh, how God wants you to hear his music.

”He has a rhythm that will race your heart and lyrics that will stir your tears.  You want to journey to the stars?  He can take you there.  You want to lie down in peace?  His music can soothe your soul.

“Bur first, we’ve got to get rid of that country-western stuff.  (Forgive me, Nashville.  Only an example.)

“And so he begins tossing the CDs.  A friend turns away.  A job goes bad.  Your spouse doesn’t understand.  The church is dull.  One by one he removes the options until all you have left is God.

“He would do that?  Absolutely.  If he must silence every voice, he will.  He wants you to hear his music.”

  • Max Lucado, Traveling Light

We all have dreams and ambitions.  Even when you are getting older, the ambitions may become more practical, but that doesn’t mean that they fail to exist.

And we all have dreams for our children.  Some of us let our children choose their career path.  My mother couldn’t allow us to waste our college education, so she interfered.  We followed her dream for our lives, with a little wiggle room.  My mother was far from the only one to do that.

But oh, how I would love to shove our younger son a bit, shove him in a particular direction, especially after reading this devotion by Max Lucado.  It has sparked a new dream, one that will be my prayer for my son, that and continued improvement toward good health as he continues therapy.  Of course, Lucado was not speaking of God’s music literally, but for a musician, would that not be the perfect goal in life?  To not just hear God’s music, but to set it to a musical score, to write lyrics, to perform the music that you heard when you were in deep meditation, quiet time, alone with God?

Okay, our son has little alone time.  He has three children: one in middle school, one in elementary school, and one who will start kindergarten next year.  Once the children go to bed, my son and his wife want to have some together time.  They have dual computers so they can be a team playing a computer game, but they spend time in prayer, and they are starting a devotional schedule.  With a long commute to and from work, teaching music in elementary school, he needs his sleep.  So, there is not much time left.

After this recent medical / mental scare, he is reevaluating his career choices.  He had been a shift manager at a fast food restaurant when he was going to school.  Could he become a store manager?  Store managers make more money, at least many stores, than what he makes as a teacher, with no added burdens of weekend classes or summer school to maintain certification.  But what else is out there?

By the end of the school year, his confidence may be restored, and he may decide to stay where he is, if the school has renewed confidence in him.  At this point, we do not know, including him.

All that stuff that Max Lucado mentioned in his devotion above is happening to our son now.  I don’t know of any friends that he has lost, and his wife definitely understands.  But he has been pruned lately, as they say, referring to John 15.

But whatever he does to earn some money, I pray that he spends some time listening to God’s music.  And in listening to what God has to say to him, he will discover what direction God wants him to take.  And knowing the young man when he was growing up, he will hear God’s voice in terms of sheet music in his head.  Sometimes, I am sure what he will hear may sound a lot like Béla Bartók or some of the harder forms of rock ‘n roll, but maybe not everything.  After all, King David had tremendous variety in the Psalms.  But, will God’s music for our son be music?

As Lucado starts the quote above, “Oh, how God wants you to hear his music.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.

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