Doing Due Diligence

Very early in the morning, the chief priests, with the elders, the teachers of the law and the whole Sanhedrin, made their plans. So they bound Jesus, led him away and handed him over to Pilate.

  • Mark 15:1

“That ‘the whole Sanhedrin’ could be there so early in the morning shows that wicked people are diligent in carrying out their sinful schemes.  How much more diligent ought the followers of Christ be to give him their devoted service!  Let these wicked men who were so early in the morning seeking to secure the death of Christ make us ashamed that we are not more diligent in his blessed service.”

  • Charles H. Spurgeon, from his sermon notes

According to business know, ‘due diligence’ means “the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property.”  That may be good from a ‘legal’ perspective.

I think it really goes beyond that.  We need to look at something that we research from different angles, not just from a narrow viewpoint.  For example, the Scripture above is only one verse.  I usually give more than one verse to show context, but the context here is well known.  I think that ‘due diligence’ could be defined as “the care that a reasonable person exercises to accomplish their work.”

Now, with that in mind, I have, on occasion, not done my due diligence in posting articles to this blogsite.  I have found typos.  I have made statements that, when not read in a manner as I meant them to be read, might have other interpretations, some less than complimentary.  On a couple of occasions, I could have done more research.  Okay, you can always do more research.

But let’s consider the extremely odd circumstance before dawn on the first Good Friday.  The laws of probability must apply.  Some of the Sanhedrin must have not been morning people.  Did they stay up from the night before so that they would not miss this meeting? 

Some of the Sanhedrin, maybe all, had business affairs.  Scheduling a CEO for a pre-dawn meeting then might be as hard as it is today.  Might I say ‘impossible?’  Or possible, even likely, if there is enough money riding on the venture.  Ah, Jesus, as a threat to the king, represented a threat to their cushy jobs and lucrative businesses.  Businesses tend to lose when a rebellion turns the country into a battlefield, unless your business is making armaments.

But even without the money angle, have you ever tried to get three bosses in a room all at the same time?  At my last job, I inherited the Quality Manager job.  There was a meeting, which I was not invited, and I lost.  I had to get three bosses in one room to discuss the new process of doing business.  This new process had been dictated by our new owners.  I had carefully studied our method of doing business and blended that into the parent company’s demands.  I produced something that was the least painful method of accomplishing the company’s objectives while maintaining the company’s ISO certification and making the parent company happy.  I just needed three signatures.  It first took a couple of months getting them in the same room.  At the meeting, one boss was totally disinterested, wondering why he was there.  The second boss blustered that whatever I came up with, he’d ignore, then he stormed out, followed by the first boss.  I stared at the third boss, who, thankfully, was the one who closed out projects and his people ensured that the paperwork “looked” like the procedures were followed.  He smiled, thanked me for my efforts, and said that he’d get the other two to sign off, which still had not happened when I was laid off for the final time about six weeks later.

But, in this case, every member of the Sanhedrin was present when it was probably their time to be in bed asleep, all to kill Jesus, whatever it took.

Then, Spurgeon takes this odd, near-impossibility, and he stands it on its head.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to serve Jesus?  I am in Pennsylvania by myself, with my wife babysitting in Tennessee, 800 miles away.  I am also having some medical issues, part digestive issues and part sinus issues.  Probably the two are not related, but both have the capacity of awakening me in the middle of the night.  On more than one occasion, while trying to go back to sleep without any success, I have heard a thought in my head, a voice, “What are you doing wasting your time?  Get downstairs and start working.”

So, if you are a fellow blog writer and you notice that I have commented on your post at 2:30am, it’s because I started early that day with only a couple of hours of sleep.  Sometimes, I have just about done a full day’s work before the sun comes up.  Usually on those days, I fall asleep watching the early weather forecast, while eating breakfast.

We should each do our due diligence in serving God.  It should be a reasonable effort, but at times, we need to go beyond that.  After all, Christ died for us.  Losing a little sleep is nothing in comparison.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Oh those Sanhedrin were diligent when it came to their agenda… If we could be much more diligent in the works of the Lord! Prayers for your health issues. 🙏🏼

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  2. How ae you guys doing with all of this virus situation?

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    • As an introvert, staying inside is in my wheelhouse. My wife is with the grandchildren, but being cooped up in TN is driving her nuts, even knowing that she is the one, along with the youngest grandchild that are most at risk – breathing problems.

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