Please, Stop the Insanity!

I have been concentrating on my posts for Holy Week, with them all planned, but not all written.  But, with all this insanity over the COVID-19 lockdown, I must ask for some sanity.

What have I been hearing, reading and/or observing?

  • The PA woman who announced that she had the coronavirus and then coughed and/or spit on the food throughout a local mom-n-pop grocery store is well documented.  She is under arrest, I think for bioterrorism.  The store owner, being a small grocery, may have difficulty surviving the product loss.  She could have gone to the big store, one that could absorb the loss easier.  Oh, she wasn’t thinking clearly?  How was I to know!
  • The news reported a couple of nights ago that someone in the greater Pittsburgh area was shopping in the grocery, sneezed, and someone else pulled a weapon and threatened to kill the sneezer for having not covered the sneeze.  Earth to armed person:  Sneezing is not a symptom of COVID-19.  The armed person was subdued with no homicide committed.  Can you believe it?  They almost had to announce over the grocery intercom, “Clean up on aisle 9, as soon as the homicide investigation is over.”
  • People are still trying to purchase a year’s supply of toilet paper.  As Chad Prather said on a recent video, “No one is that full of crap.”  Then he corrected himself.  Yes, a few are, maybe including the people who are making tons of money off the fear of others.
  • Chad Prather has coined the term COVID-iocracy, to describe the narcissists that are licking toilet seats and doing other idiotic things on Spring Break to try to get COVID-19 – to prove that no one can tell them what they cannot do.  My fear is that they will come back from Spring Break and kiss Grandma, who has COPD, Diabetes, and a heart condition.  Hey, you gotta kiss Grandma.  Otherwise, it would show that you didn’t care!  Ah, now you understand why it’s called COVID-iocracy, because they are COVID-iots!!!!  (Pronounced COV-idiots, if you haven’t figured that out.  For more, and probably better said information, look up Chad Prather on social media or BlazeTV.)  Please, please, please, someone do some facial recognition on these idiots, find out where they are enrolled in college, and shame the college where they are presently not attending so that the enrollment requirements can be tightened up a bit!  This being said by someone with a BS degree in 4 years, and an ME degree in 2.5 years and never went to the hot spots on Spring Break.  Oh, yeah, I went on Spring Break one year to a military installation to train with the Green Berets, and none of us licked a toilet seat.
  • And the other day, I was conversing, through comments, with Kathy of A Time to Share, and we wondered why there is such a compulsion to bake in this time of crisis.  Is there a myth that you can avoid COVID-19 by baking or eating brownies?  I don’t know, but don’t go to my local store.  The last brownie mix left when I was shopping during the early morning senior hour – bought by a non-senior who snuck in.  When she screamed that it was the last box, that’s when I noticed that there was only a couple of yellow cake mixes left, only gluten-free flour, no dairy milk, and almost no lactose-free milk, and I got one of the last half dozens of eggs, cartons cut in half to reduce getting too many eggs.  So, sorry, those are now gone too.  Oh, yeah, no sugar either.  If it was just eggs, it could have been Easter prep, that is if you could gather for an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Oh, and that grocery that I went to?  It’s one of the ones in PA/OH with an employee who tested positive for COVID-19, announced the day after I shopped there, but the person had not worked at the store for nearly two weeks.  The store has since been sanitized.  Oh, joy, now two weeks of checking my temperature.
  • Then I was watching the weather, and they had a global warming “expert” on who said that COVID-19 has cleaned the air.  Forget the carbon footprint; let’s revert to NOx as the bad guy.  Every year, during Chinese New Year, China’s air quality improves, less NOx (oxides of Nitrogen, with NO2 , or nitrogen dioxide, since I can’t get the subscript to work, being the most measured) making it almost possible to see the sun in some less densely populated areas of China.  This expert reported that this year, due to COVID-19, the air quality improved more than past years and had “permanently” been improved.  NO!  A thousand times NO!  China’s industry was temporarily shut down.  China is cranking their production up.  They created this biological monster and now they are the only country producing anything while everyone else is hunkered down.  I will now pause … for the conspiracy theorists to have fun with that FACT.  No, since they care nothing about air quality, and everything about producing marginally acceptable products for those who want a bargain, their NOx production will go into high gear, making up for any NOx production losses anywhere else in the world – and then some.
  • Oh, and then there was the article on one of the major internet news feeds.  The journalist, who I am sure would have been on Spring Break right now if he/she were still in college, is a paid professional.  The facts that were reported in the article are:  1) The USA tests people that are known to be exposed and those with symptoms.  2) Germany tests a lot more people, mostly younger people.  3) Germany’s death rate, in deaths per hundred confirmed cases, is much less than the USA.  The journalist, who is wise beyond his/her lack of years, was outraged!!!!  (Please, can someone hold up a sarcasm sign about that ‘wisdom’!)  The solution was to test more people and the death rate will come down in the USA.  Simple!!  For a COVID-iot!!!  The deaths will be the same.  Finding people that could spread the virus to others faster, and then forcing a quarantine, might lower the deaths, but they are not really doing that in Germany either, just spreading the death statistics over more confirmed cases among the young who have a better chance of survival – to make themselves look good compared to the rest of the world.  And besides, if the Germans cancelled Spring Break, the college students would stay home and obey the rules.  The USA wouldn’t understand, but it’s a German thing.  At least, it used to be.
  • And while we are on the subject of announcing statistics, properly announced by someone who could not spell statistics much less understand them, let’s differentiate between total deaths, versus death rate, versus change in death rate or death rate over time.  Everyday, I hear the announcement that the death rate continues to climb, no numbers ever mentioned other than total deaths.  Of course, the number of deaths will climb if there is only one more death, but is that what they are reporting or is the rate of deaths per hundred confirmed cases going up?  Did we have more deaths today than yesterday?  They NEVER qualify the numbers or the statement.  As an old boss of mine was prone to say often, “There is no intelligence in what you just said.”  (In other words, define the term, if you can.  If you can’t, don’t report it.)  It seems that the news agenda is to create a panic while they say, “Let’s not panic.”  They make it sound like COVID-19 is more deadly than it is.  Is there not some agency that overlooks the media for truthfulness?  Oh, sorry, McCarthyism is not allowed anymore, and who was his favorite targets?  Hmm.  The media and Hollywood?  It might be wonderful to clean up that cesspool, but let’s not repeat that mistake.

After all this rant, I want everyone to visit what David Robertson and Steve McAlpine are doing in their Panic Room at  It is ten minutes Monday through Friday.  Ten minutes of not talking about “Panic.”  I hope people have understood in my rant here that I was telling things that I have read on the news, heard on the air, or observed and that I was trying to add some sanity to the news by pointing out the absurd.  If we only hear what they are saying or writing without thinking it through, what is left, other than to panic?

Let’s stay calm, God has a plan, and He will see us through.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. April 2, 2020 — 9:16 am

    Oh, Mark, what a great rant. I ventured out to the grocery store yesterday, wearing gloves, which seemed silly, because no one else was. The shelves were stocked. I noticed a big empty spot where the ramen noodles used to be, but was able to buy butter, eggs and juice. I thanked those who were responsible for donna by that.working

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    • Yes, they need thanks. One cashier was on the news last night. I guy had totally succumbed to the fear, went into a rant about nothing, and worked his way around the shield to spit on her. She wasn’t worried about herself, but she had two endangered relatives living at home. Just more insanity, and these low-paid people are still trying to be kind to those coming into the store.

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      • April 2, 2020 — 11:10 am

        The sickness goes beyond COVID19

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      • I listened to a video that was forwarded to me yesterday. This young man rants about the sickness that will kill us all. After a few minutes of ‘fear-mongering’ talk, he says that the sickness is fear, not COVID19. He then switches to trusting in God. Uncomfortable at first, but a great ending after he got your attention.

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  2. April 2, 2020 — 9:17 am

    Doing that. I did see a woman loading


  3. April 2, 2020 — 9:21 am

    her cart with TP and I reminded her she could only buy one. My husband was proud of my assertiveness. I hadn’t heard the one about licking a toilet seat. Seriously? Sorry for all the errors. My fingers aren’t awake. Your post was hilarious 😜

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  4. You tell um Mark— again— I’m penciling you’re name in— oh, will we be voting this year or wiping it off the calendar as well— or would that send the Dems off the planet?

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  5. Crazy times for sure. A great time for the Church to step up. God bless.

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  6. I read this and think of how crazy things would turn out later in 2020 weeks after this post…

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