Unborn Lives Matter

“Cursed is anyone who kills their neighbor secretly.”
Then all the people shall say, “Amen!”
“Cursed is anyone who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person.”
Then all the people shall say, “Amen!”

  • Deuteronomy 27:24-25

As for the title, it should have a familiar ring to it.  If anyone is offended, I respectfully suggest that you read another blog.  I do not apologize for the use of the familiar catchphrase.  George Floyd’s life mattered, and it was taken away.  People got upset.  People were already “bat-crap-crazy” being locked down, social distanced, etc.  Notice how few of the protestors wear masks, and rumors are floating that many are testing positive, and we may have another spike of COVID-19 as a result.  They are not just rebelling about the unnecessary killing of someone who may or may not have been guilty of a crime.  (We still believe in innocent until proven guilty, I think.)  They are venting because they have been cooped up for too long.  Some have been out of work.  They look in their pocket and realize that they only have five dollars left, so “go buy a gallon of gas and set something on fire.”  That sounds crazy, and it is crazy.  Hopefully, temporary insanity or we are all in trouble.

But if George Floyd’s mother had terminated his life before he was born, no one would be marching.  No one would be looting stores, burning police cars, burning the American Flag, or killing other innocent people out of retaliation.  No!  A thousand times no!  They would be applauding the unborn George Floyd’s mother for making a “good” and “legal” choice.  But what did George Floyd have to say for it in that case?  He had no voice.  He could say nothing.  He was not yet born.  But the life of George Floyd would be taken too early.  Does not the unborn life matter?

As for the Scripture, I took these verses from Deuteronomy, because the commandment in Exodus 20 is well known. Should “Thou shalt not kill” need to be repeated? Yes, and I just did.  These verses from Deuteronomy are in a series of chants.  The Levites were instructed to chant these statements to the assembly of the people, and the people were to respond “Amen!”  Now you know where the Southern Baptists get the habit.  It’s Biblical.

But from these verses, I see that the ones “cursed” are twofold, the mother who decides to have her baby killed and the doctor who performs the operation.  I have written in the past when before abortion was legal, my wife walked out of a surgical room when she realized that the doctor was removing an unborn baby, one recognizable body part after another.  No one that sees that can state that this was not killing an innocent life.

I saw a television show about the arguments “for abortion” where they disproved each, at least in my opinion and their point for unborn lives that matter.  The arguments were quite compelling.  I could go into a few of them, but I will not. The program may be available on YouTube.  The point is that, as I watched the program, I started thinking about a beautiful little girl ,that I know, who has the chance to grow into a beautiful lady.

Now for the artwork that is the featured image of this post.  It was drawn by my granddaughter, Karina.  She is seven, about to turn eight-years-old in about a month.  She will be going to the third-grade in the Fall, in whatever form school takes at the time.  She is an introvert.  She does not like to share.  She gets bossy, especially when she doesn’t get her space, space needed for an introvert.  She rarely gets space, living in a small house with one older brother and one younger brother and a dog and a guinea pig and oh, I almost forgot her parents.  There is noise, constantly, in the house, mostly from the five-year-old noise machine, and she likes her quiet. Thus, those two rarely get along.  As an introvert, I have great, overwhelming sympathy for this darling child of God.  Life is hard for her, and it may not get any easier.

But, life might not have happened for her.

Our son had been unable to find a teaching job, second year in a row, and he went to work making doors in a factory.  He ran a machine that cut the doors to the proper length and did a bit more of the framing requirements.  He made practically no money, not enough to pay for an apartment.  As a result, he was living with his in-laws, and being constantly reminded of how worthless he was – in the opinion of some people.  My son had a three-year-old boy.  Our son was a couple of courses away from a master’s degree in music education, but he was working at a factory, unable to pay rent on a home.

His wife had just had a miscarriage.  She was wondering if her son would be her only child.  She prayed, and the Lord granted her prayers.  She again became pregnant.

As the baby developed, the doctors decided to do an ultrasound.  The doctors noticed that the unborn child had an unusually thick neck.  They diagnosed the child with Down Syndrome.  They suggested an abortion.  When our daughter-in-law refused to have an abortion, the doctors went to her parents, knowing that they would be paying for everything above and beyond what the insurance would pay.  Hmmmm. Where was her privacy protection? Does that count when you refuse an abortion? Her parents put tremendous pressure on her to have an abortion.

The constant family arguments got so bad that my son decided to call me.  He calls his mother for comfort, love, compassion, and just to talk.  The rare times that he calls me are for big decisions, although some are too obvious of a decision to waste the call – not complaining, in that he at least called.

In this case, it was about the biggest decision he had ever made.  He told me the pressure that he was under.  He was the outsider who was not wanted in the in-laws’ home.  I told him that his in-laws had our son’s family’s best interest in mind, just maybe not ‘his’ best interest.  I told our son that his track record was not very good at keeping a job or finding the next professional position.  I asked that without a home and without a family-supporting job, how could he possibly be thinking about taking care of a healthy baby.  Then, could he take care of a special needs baby?  I pushed him as far as I dared, and then he said, “Dad, I don’t know how, but I will take care of my family.  We are having this baby.”  Funny, he never got around to the point where he asked for my advice on the decision he needed to make. He just made his decision instead.  My reply was that I would be praying, and my son said that he already was.

Soon after Karina was born, within about a week, our son started a new job as an Elementary music teacher in Heidelberg, MS.  I told him that his and my prayers were answered twice over.  His baby was healthy, and he had a job.  And I knew the job came from God.  Our son was born in Heidelberg, Germany, while I was in the Army.  Those little “coincidences” let you know that God is still in charge.

If you are thinking of having an abortion because the doctors think that there may be something wrong with the development of your unborn child, the doctors may be correct in their diagnosis.  But there are many adults that could testify to being born with defects when their parents refused the abortion – yet they lived productive lives in spite of their defects.

In this case, the doctors were WRONG.  She was a perfect little baby. If the abortion had been done, would they have admitted their error once they saw no signs of Down Syndrome in what was removed?  No!  Their error would have left the room as biological waste.  Most doctors like to think of themselves as infallible.

Karina is a lovely child with better than average intelligence.  She is smart, and maybe borderline genius, especially in art – not so much in math.  She had a heart for art from the start.  (I know, cheesy poetry.)  She is quiet and reserved, but she shouts through her art.

The featured image for this post is probably a close-up of a dragon’s tail.  She won’t say what it is, and everyone keeps saying that they don’t have a clue, but it is lovely.  Yes, it is beautiful, just like the young girl who drew it.

And the doctors and some adult advisors wanted this child destroyed before she was born.  If they tried to destroy the child now, they would be arrested for attempted murder, but she is the same child that they pleaded to have destroyed while in the womb. What unholy distinction makes this difference?

To borrow from a famous Bible verse:  For God so loved a little girl, that He defied the ‘common sense’ of this world, so that one day, whosoever looks upon the art that she draws will wonder why anyone would ever want to discard her.

Unborn lives matter.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. atimetoshare.me June 6, 2020 — 9:02 am

    Good points on all counts. The final command of Jess is one that often is forgotten and most likely the most beneficial to all of us. Love one another.

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  2. Our family has been gifted by God with a set of identical twins with Down Syndrome. I can’t imagine life with out them.
    So happy everything turned out so well for your son and his family! 🙏🏻❤️

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  3. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the doctor who confirmed my pregnancy urged me to let him do an immediate abortion, because he said I also had a uterine tumor. I refused and went to another doctor. The second doctor never said anything about a tumor.

    Today my daughter is a licensed therapist with a Master’s degree in family and child counseling. Her daughter, my oldest granddaughter, has a Bachelor’s degree from Temple, a Master’s degree from Harvard, and is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Syracuse University.

    It has been 46 years since I supposedly had a uterine tumor. But I’m still here, healthy and with all of my body parts intact.

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  4. Its so sad to see how the preborn are viewed so lightly with their life and death with the sins of abortion…good post

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