Coming to Life

This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “Go down to the potter’s house, and there I will give you my message.”  So I went down to the potter’s house, and I saw him working at the wheel.  But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.
Then the word of the Lord came to me.  He said, “Can I not do with you, Israel, as this potter does?” declares the Lord. “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel.  If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned.  And if at another time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be built up and planted, and if it does evil in my sight and does not obey me, then I will reconsider the good I had intended to do for it.

  • Jeremiah 18:1-10

“This world is a great sculptor’s shop. We are the statues and there is a rumor around the shop that some of us are some day going to come to life.”

  • C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

I wrote a post within my first year of writing these things called, The Sculptor.  It was about how we become more like Jesus as the Holy Spirit guides us and we trust more in God in each.  The article concluded that the last bit of effort by the Sculptor will be as we pass from this world, maybe the largest chunk to be removed.

Along the way, the Sculptor may have to do things similar to what Jeremiah described in the Scripture above.  The potter does not scrap the clay, but he mashes it back into a lump and starts over.  Sometimes, there is a bit of pain when we repent of our sins, but the potter or the Sculptor has something better in mind.

But might I add what C. S. Lewis says above to that old post?  Lewis, in many of his writings, refers to leaving this drab world and entering the Technicolor world of Heaven, our real home – or other metaphors regarding the “real” world as Heaven and this world as not quite real yet.  Technicolor was the most vibrant color movie system in Lewis’ time.  So, whatever world makes this world almost seem to be drab, dull, and missing light.  Such a drastic difference that whatever color we now think that we see will be nothing in comparison.

But in this quote, Lewis paints a picture of us being lifeless statues and that someday, we will be like Pinocchio and come to life.  Just as the color comparison shows how much better will Heaven be, this quote shows how much better life itself will be, as if we never were alive before.

But we should not wait for the next life to experience God’s life within us.  We can learn God within us, and thus what life will be like in the next life, by enjoying God now.  We can experience Joy and Hope and Peace, even in the midst of a joyless, hopeless world where wars and rumors of wars rage.

But we can only enjoy those things now by trusting in Jesus with every fiber in our bodies.  And when we do, we will indeed come to Life through the strength of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.

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