What Happened to Science?

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.  For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

  • Romans 1:18-20

“There is never any conflict between true science and our Christian faith.  It is my own feeling that when all of the truth is known, it will be found that the Genesis story is a wonderfully accurate record of what took place when the world was created. …  To discard the Bible because we do not understand everything in it, or in the world, would be a foolish thing to do.  Let me also suggest that teachers should confine themselves to those areas in which they are qualified.  I have known unbelievers to attack the Christian faith through their teaching, even when they did not have the remotest idea of what true Christianity is.  For instance, one does not send an art critic to write up a football game, or a sports writer to evaluate a painting.  Ask God to give you the wisdom to keep things in their proper perspective, and – above all – faithfully read your Bible and pray every day.  If you do, God will give you the faith and wisdom you need to meet any problem.”

  • Billy Graham, Day by Day with Billy Graham (September 9)

In Geology in the early 1800s, the prevailing two thoughts on how the world was formed, at least the rocks, were Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism.  Catastrophism was based on such events as Creation week and the Great Flood.  All observed rock formations were interpreted with those events in mind.  But Charles Lyell, an atheist lawyer who joined the geological society out of ‘interest’ in rocks, started writing that Uniformitarianism was a better interpretation and it would require millions of years for rock formations like the ones we see to be formed.  Without a belief in God, he could not imagine that the earth started out with rocks.  He openly stated that the goal of his writings were to free mankind from the silly beliefs found in the Bible.  He gained a following, although it requires “belief” rather than experimental evidence to adhere to either theory.  One of his most fanatical followers was Charles Darwin, using the idea of millions of years to create his “Origins of the Species” – that is, evolution – something that can never be proven, but they expect us to simply accept it as fact.  And taught as such in the schools, due to a wrongful interpretation of the First Amendment.

What was formed at that point was a totally different type of science, “historical science,” a type of science that could never be proven.  The prevailing school of thought depended upon the popularity of the differing views, and nothing to do with proof.  Since most people in this world listen to the master of lies, Satan, the school of thought that eliminates God started to become popular, even though the basic concepts that must be present for Lyell’s ideas to be true have been proven impossible by real science.  Real science, as stated in the Billy Graham quote, is now considered “experimental science.”

What went wrong with science?  This is the way things used to work.  An apple falls on Sir Isaac Newton’s head.  He makes a variety of observations and measurements.  The scientific community starts to measure how fast things fall from differing heights and then algebra comes into play.  Someone proves by scientific knowledge, no guesswork with an atheist agenda, that gravitational acceleration is equal to 9.81 times the mass per seconds squared.  That means for each second of travel downward, the object gains speed.  That is until terminal velocity is reached, that factoring in friction with the air (or the medium) that it falls through.  And even the addition of friction was observed by dropping rocks and feathers from the leaning tower of Pisa.  That is science!  Measuring stuff, proving theories to either be correct or just another crazy idea.

Making unsubstantiated claims that are applauded by politicians and the media and then awarded Nobel Prizes due to their popular support may result in a lot of money passing hands, but without actually proving anything, they have contributed to the wickedness that the Apostle Paul talks about in Romans 1.  God has proven His existence, and the proof is all around us – to modify the theme of a television show.  The episode of which, about 26 minutes, is shown below.  The topic of this episode is Blind to the Obvious.  I chose this episode, if you have time to watch the video, because it talks of the blindness created by popular opinion and some reasons for that blindness.  Could the scientists be afraid to be wrong?  The guest, Bruce Malone, quotes Dr. William James, the Father of Modern Psychology, “Nothing is too absurd to be believed – if it is repeated often enough.”  Thus unsubstantiated theories cause people to be blinded to the obvious, that God created all things and is in control.  And yes, I believe in Jesus, and the Biblical record is obvious to me, but when evolution as the origin of life is proven false, what is left?  Mankind continues to clutch onto false doctrines and false science, rather than accept the simple truth that God created it.  In this episode, there are a lot of things discussed.  I love the experiment where the scientist tricked his brain into seeing a reverse image of what was really there.  In many of the other episodes of the series, other scientists delve into each of this engineer’s scientific points, showing the research and proving how evolution never created anything, especially life.

I have written about this before, but I just wanted to state this clearly.  And to suggest that many other such “sciences” are following suit.  Climate change is real.  I will not deny that.  The climate change may be based upon what the scientists have observed.  If they are right, and they have never proven it, they say that it is the “greenhouse gas effect,” but I know the science in which they are talking and a greenhouse does not fit what they say is going on.  It may have the same result, and thus they use the term “greenhouse effect” to explain it to the politicians so that they can get more grant money, either borrowed from China or coming out of the latest tax increase or just adding to the growing debt.  But the mechanism of how a greenhouse works is not what is going on.  I admit, the results are the same, but the mechanism is different.  We do not have a relatively low temperature difference inside and outside the greenhouse, thus negating radiation heat loss, with a glass insulator or other form of insulator, limiting conduction and convection heat transfer.

I support means of reducing carbon footprints, other harmful gas emissions, and many other “green” ideas, but they may be chasing symptoms instead of the root problem.  Thus, their efforts will be misdirected, and possibly making matters worse.  We have no Newton or Einstein who has done the experiments, made the observations and measurements, and created the real science.  And the cost of making this transition to reduce the carbon footprint may be higher than industry is willing to go.  Some industry will cease to exist, and many other industries will tumble as a result.  When China, who will ignore the Paris accords and dare anyone to fine them, dumped cheap steel into the USA twenty years ago, the only steel companies in the USA that were not losing money were the modern plants with modern equipment, many without a retirement legacy that was paid for by the company.  Many of those companies are gone forever.  When cash flow is not happening, you have no cash to make capital improvements, improvements necessary to meet the new environmental demands – thus more companies will shut down.  Economic disaster could result, and we could be chasing fairy dust as the climate continues to get hotter in spite of our efforts.

Why?  We may be chasing the wrong science.  With millions of years and evolution forging a new path, science has to say popular things, at least popular to the people who have a lot of money.  Science gets the money and the universities fall in line for a piece of the money.

And why does no one seem to create a means to prove the theories correct or disprove them?  If they find that they are wrong, the money will stop flowing.  And after the politicians convince the media of a pending disaster, who wants to admit that the science to fix the problem was wrong?

Billy Graham is correct, I truly believe.  Someday, we will find that the Genesis story was absolutely true and Satan, in his death throes, having already been defeated by Jesus who died on the cross and then rose again, has pulled off the greatest confidence scheme of all time.  He has said, “Let’s ignore God, follow my convincing lies, make your money, and join me in torment, forever.”

Lord, we need a revival and a spirit of wisdom, the ability to think, so that we can turn people away from this false teaching before it is too late.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Oh so true Mark, the Father created the heavens and the earth knowing what the longevity and the outcome of both will be. Man is trying to change what He created, He is the ultimate designer, I read where scientist are trying to come up with ideas to put something between the earth and the sun to protect the planet from the sun rays. All I can say is, Whaaa? 🙂 , It always comes down to money Mark, like you said. Money is behind everything, people think if they can just have enough money they will be happy. That is not where happiness comes from. The more money you try to get the more you chase your tail and actually do not get anywhere. From politicians to scientist to everything under the sun. That is where the life of Solomon is such a good teaching.

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  2. Real science is just as excited to be proven wrong as it is to be proven right – to be proven wrong it one step closer to finding out what is right – Human arrogance is why we can’t seek to discover truth even if we get it wrong but rather we come up with a “Truth” and then at any cost represent it as right – this is the basis of the new science and the basis of manmade religion

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