Trying It Out for the Weekend

In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak,
    who are caught in the schemes he devises.
He boasts about the cravings of his heart;
    he blesses the greedy and reviles the Lord.
In his pride the wicked man does not seek him;
    in all his thoughts there is no room for God.

  • Psalm 10:2-4

The fool says in his heart,
    “There is no God.”
They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
    there is no one who does good.

  • Psalm 14:1

“Many philosophers, like Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, have argued that if God does not exist, then life is absurd.  Admittedly, Sartre and Camus didn’t take this to be proof of the opposite, namely, that God exists.  Rather they concluded that life really is absurd.  Nevertheless, their analysis of human existence shows us clearly the grim implications of atheism.”

  • William Lane Craig, On Guard (Emphasis the author’s)

“… the default position now adopted by many Western intellectuals has created our ‘ABC moment’ (Anything but Christianity).  Any weird, wild and wonderful idea can be espoused, and often is – so long as it is not Jewish and Christian.  This dismissal takes different forms in different countries, but it can be witnessed almost everywhere throughout the West.  A British cabinet minister recently described the absurd outcome in Britain, a country with undeniable Christian roots that were once acknowledged and appreciated. …”  [The quote that followed condemned various Christian groups as being child abusers, homophobic bigots, conscience-hawkers, and creepy obsessives who are uncomfortable with anyone enjoying anything.]

  • Os Guinness, Impossible People

On the day of this writing and as I drove my wife to the dialysis center, my wife talked about the nurses and technicians at the dialysis center all the way there, about a twenty-minute ride.  She was wondering who would be on shift.  She talked about the two male nurses and how she teased them.  For her, that was gentle poking fun.  She said that one of the male nurses was so young…  Then she admitted that he was 31 years old.  I was thinking that this nurse might have ten years of experience.  She was thinking that our younger son was ten years older than the nurse was.  How could 31 be “young?”  Then she mentioned one of her favorite technicians who was 25 years old and already divorced.

I have no idea what else she said over the last mile of the trip.  My mind was in another rabbit hole.  This young lady had tried out marriage and it did not work, so she cut her losses.  Admittedly, there could have been good reasons, but if that were the case, why was the courtship rushed so that you never saw the other’s true character?  Okay, even with that, people change, and some hide their true character while dating.  I have read recently that men turn into ogres, but I have seen relationships where the woman was the ogre – just not before the marriage.

A few years ago, I was halfway paying attention to a television commercial when the evangelist said, “Try Jesus out for the weekend, and I can guarantee that by Monday, you’ll never go back to your old life.”

I was enraged.  When I became a Christian, I struggled for over a year for God to enter my life, saying the salvation prayer over 500 times.  I did not count the times, but knowing that I said it more often than once each day, and sometimes several times in a day, 500 is a low estimate.

Why did Jesus not enter into my heart when I asked?  Because I never surrendered to Him for that year and a month or so.  I just said words, as if they were magical.  I did not make a total commitment, until one day when I did.  Like most who seek God, and obviously much of modern married couples, I wanted God (or the marriage) in the good times, and I was willing to cast aside what I had “accepted” when it did not work out.  And I was totally oblivious to that distinction, until I was finally miserable enough to know there was nowhere else to go but up and I had no energy to rise on my own.  Thus, God was the only choice left.  I praise God that I was saved before I was married – having a full understanding of what an unconditional commitment was.

Try Jesus out for a weekend?  Totally absurd.  The Holy Spirit reveals nothing until it is total surrender – no thought of only being two days.

In the Craig quote, Sartre and Camus rationally decided that life was absurd if there was no God, and then concluded that life was absurd.  Had they tried Jesus out for a weekend themselves?  If so, they indeed found nothing.

I wonder about these people who were raised in a Christian home and then seemed to go as far away from God as possible once they left the home.  Did they try Jesus out for a weekend, and Jesus never showed up?  Did they ask God for a new bicycle and when it never appeared, they assumed that there was no God on the other end of the dial-a-prayer?  While they thought they had an innocent test to prove God’s existence, they were falling into the trap that many Christians fall into – telling God what to do, instead of begging God to take over and show us what we really need.  They were arrogantly daring God to reveal Himself.  If God feel for the dare, they had God in their pocket.  That may sound harsh, but many people feel that way.

Then we have the “absurd.”  Are some people, who call themselves Christians, guilty of any or all of the things that the British cabinet minister accused Christians of being?  Sure, and much more, but what frustrates the non-forgiving non-believers is that Christians never pretend to be perfect, only sinners saved by Grace.  Yes, the famous violations mentioned in the quote were perpetrated by people who were acting against their faith – whether they truly had faith is another question, and God will sort that out.  As I often say, it is above my pay grade.

But the absurd is here.  The “ABC moment” is upon us with the LGBTQ movement, abortion, and the romancing of socialist / communist ideas within the governments of the world.  And if those socialist governments get what they want, the churches that helped them get elected will be destroyed.

And yet, the more bizarre the new fad, the more empty the people of the ABC crowd feel, lamenting that the next fad is late in coming.

God is patient, but God is also Holy.  At some point, He will put an end to all this absurdity.

Seek God. He is the only cure for the absurdity of this fallen world.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. I think of them as the irrelevant generation…it’s just all irrelevant–sometimes I can even chunk my 31 year old son and daughter-in-law into that generation of irrelevance—
    and it drives me nuts—easy come, easy go—all for the feel good and comfort of the moment

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  2. Thanks for your comment just now and reading my outline on the Aseity of God!

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