The Rise and Fall of a President

“Sharpen the arrows,
    take up the shields!
The Lord has stirred up the kings of the Medes,
    because his purpose is to destroy Babylon.
The Lord will take vengeance,
    vengeance for his temple.
Lift up a banner against the walls of Babylon!
    Reinforce the guard,
station the watchmen,
    prepare an ambush!
The Lord will carry out his purpose,
    his decree against the people of Babylon.
You who live by many waters
    and are rich in treasures,
your end has come,
    the time for you to be destroyed.
The Lord Almighty has sworn by himself:
    I will surely fill you with troops, as with a swarm of locusts,
    and they will shout in triumph over you.

  • Jeremiah 51:11-14

“Out of the turmoil and chaos of German life there now emerged a curious and devious figure who, more than any other single individual, was destined to dig the grave of the Republic – one who would serve briefly as its last Chancellor and, ironically, in one of the final twists of his astonishing career desperately try to save it, when it was too late.  This was Kurt von Schleicher, whose name in German means ‘Intriguer’ or ‘sneak.’ …
“If the German Republic was bereft of a middle-of-the-road political class, it also lacked that stability provided in many other countries by a truly conservative party. …
“The theory which Hitler had evolved in his vagabond days in Vienna and never forgotten – that the way to power for a revolutionary movement was to ally itself with some of the powerful institutions in the State – has now worked out in practice pretty much as he had calculated.  The President, backed by the Army and the conservatives, had made him Chancellor. …
“Though the Weimar Republic was destroyed, the Weimar Constitution was never formally abrogated by Hitler.  Indeed – and ironically – Hitler based the ‘legality’ of his rule on the despised republican constitution.”

  • William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

To tie the quotes together, which probably is needed, von Schleicher was the aide for the chancellor, having been under him in the army.  He perpetrated some political intrigue for his boss, allowing the chancellor, under emergency circumstances, to create rules as if he were president.  With Hindenburg as president, and in failing health, the laws were put into place to allow that concession.  But then, once he became chancellor, his party did not have the majority, in making political alliances, the Nationalists and the Nazi parties agreed to vote together as a block.  But in the agreement, von Schleicher found himself on the outside looking in and Hitler became chancellor, although the army veterans and the lifelong political veterans hated the idea.  It was the only way for anyone to have a majority, since there were far too many political parties.  Even then, Hitler drew up a pact with the Centrists (what we would call moderates today) in order to have a majority.  Then Hitler had the power, through emergency circumstances, to dissolve the government and set himself up as supreme ruler and the Nazi party as a one-party government.

And beware of the Dem’s attempts to change the constitution to a “living constitution,” supported by Pres. Obama and others. This is their idea of repeating in the USA what Hitler did in Germany, and stacking the Supreme Court is necessary before they try to do it. They’ll just make it sound like it is something different.

Why bring that up?  Four years ago, Trump was compared to Hitler, yet the machinations behind the scenes by the party that lost that election kept the country in turmoil for four years, all blamed on Trump by the press.  Yet, the turmoil was stirred by the media who clearly echoed the policies of the party that lost the election.  You can view the documentary, The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History, for more details.  But for the mainstream media, they considered what was uncovered to not fit their agenda and did not broadcast the findings of Congressman Nunes.  Besides, the documentary makes them look bad.

I do not think that any president, except for maybe Andrew Johnson following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was as universally hated by the media and the other elected officials as much as Trump.  I was not around in the 1860s to know for sure about Andrew Johnson, and history books are written by the victors.  After all, one of Trump’s campaign promises that he failed to accomplish was to drain the swamp, and the swamp drained him.  A few shouted “Not my president” when Obama was elected, but those were among the masses and it quickly died down.  Yet four years ago, the media and the opposing party never accepted that their “queen,” that is Hillary, lost the election.  They had rigged the polls to give the opposing party, Trump’s party, enough apathy to not show up, but they voted anyway, and the Dems could never accept that.  Then, the cabinet took a record length of time to get approved.  Every appointment was a battle.  The media blamed Trump, but it was the Dems showing that they refused to ever cooperate or compromise.  And then the subject of the documentary mentioned above, impeachment because they did not like the guy.

But the other reason for bringing up the parallels with Germany of the 1930s is that we no longer have a strong conservative party.  The Republicans are a mixed bag of moderates and slight conservatives with a couple or mild liberals, compromising too often with the far left.  The other party is middle of the road liberal to extreme left.  The Libertarians do not have a foothold at the National level to have any power.  When the USA was strong, the parties were both conservative with some members of each being moderate.  We were fighting a Cold War against the Russian Left, so it seemed un-American to dip a toe toward the left.

And back to the comparison, the moderately conservative Nationalists in 1930s Germany had won the most seats with the Nazi party in second place, and even joining forces, they did not have a majority.  Hitler never won an election but became the ruler by intrigue.

I think the only connection between Trump and the far-right extremists four years ago was that he is antagonistic, crude and rude in his public persona, and the right-wing extremists appreciated his lack of character.  Yet, the president really did not share their views.

So, you had an opposing party that was willing to perjure themselves, allegedly, or hire people to perjure themselves, more likely, in order to either impeach the president or ruin his reputation.  You had the media that systematically turned every news report into an indictment of the president (even though the American people wanted what the president was doing) and never reported what he did positively.  That led him to “brag” just to get the word out to the public, being labelled as a conceited egomaniac in return.  He might be, but without the media mentioning positive things, everyone would hear only the negative from the press – brain washing.  And the press constantly praised left-wing issues and made the right-wing issues to look like foolishness – pure propaganda and brain washing.  Add to that the social media platforms that pander the “likes” of each user, always creating a slanted view of the news – that and the censoring on some social media platforms, eliminating the conservative view altogether.  Social media and the mainline media have been manipulating the public for years and the people that control those platforms and networks lean heavily to the left.

Even so, the election looked like it was moving toward a close victory for the incumbent until mysterious extra votes came in, almost exclusively for the opposing candidate.  Not saying fraud, just highly suspicious.  I cannot remember a state flipping at the last minute, but several states?  Unheard of, and highly suspicious.  And the media still will not give up, claiming that claims of voter fraud are “unsubstantiated.”  Again, brain washing the public with a slanted view.

And when the person claiming to have won had a slogan of “Battle for the Soul of America,” I wonder whose side he is on, good or bad, for they both battle for the soul.  His party supports abortion, LGBTQ, and would like to bring in euthanasia and kill old folk like me that ask uncomfortable questions.  Killing people and applauding sin do not seem to be a “good” side that is battling for our collective soul.  The candidate, who seems to love campaign slogans, may be short in the knowledge of their meaning.  There are two sides on the battle of a person’s soul, and I guess a collective country soul will qualify as well.  Jesus Christ already paid the ransom for many and God the Father has granted Jesus’ his prayerful request that none that are given to Jesus will be lost.  Thus, the battle for our soul was over 2,000 years ago.  Done!  Yet, Satan is working hard to “capture” souls.  Odd.  Satan has already lost and if people are not among the elect, the lost souls will be cast into the lake of fire.  But Satan continues to work hard to gain souls and to rob those who are saved of the power that God provides, that power that sin diminishes.  So, having that as a slogan shows a total lack of understanding.  Then again, just about everything that he said was a lie.  He’s a politician!

There may still be legal actions in the future, but regardless of who wins or has won, the USA needs revival.  The “Soul of America” is lost if the people of America think its soul can be won in an election.  But a lot, other than the soul, can be lost when a government runs away from God.  Some may wonder why I chose the Scripture above.  Does it fit?  Jeremiah is reminding the world power of the day, Babylon, that God has allowed them power and due to their sin, that power will be taken away.  If we, as a nation, do not repent, the title of this post might as well be “The Rise and Fall of a world power that ignored God while thinking God was on their side regardless of their sin” with a subtitle of “God may not have further use of us anymore.”  Okay, messy, long title, but…

I pray that God can make America great once again, by the unifying power of the Holy Spirit and a great revival in the land.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Very nice article thank you. I feel very sad for the way they treated our President Trump

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  2. Thanks Mark. I watched Trump’s legal team and was inspired by Sidney who seems a real patriot. Hope good will come from all this

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  3. Good history lesson. It is always hazardous to apply the events and conditions of one time and place with another and point to similarities. The differences need to be seen too. (Including the coalition government of Germany rather than two political parties as we in the United States). And, of course, Andrew Johnson became President because of a crime, not because of an election. But we have much to learn from the past–and future generations will learn much from the events of 2020. J.

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  4. About 25 years ago I became friends with a sweet older neighbor lady who had immigrated to the states from Germany after World War 2. One evening, when I was helping her clean up in the kitchen after one of her delicious dinner parties, Helga told me that Hitler had been a victim of evil lies and very bad press. “He was a wonderful leader, he did many good things for our country and for our economy. He was the savior of Germany!” she said.

    I liked Helga very much. And I believe that she believed wholeheartedly in what she said.

    Politics. I vote, but… beyond that, I do a lot of praying. And I try to share the love of Jesus in my small corner of the world.

    Jesus told Pontius Pilate that His kingdom is not of this world. Amen to that!

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    • Agreed and thanks for your comments. As for Helga, Hitler was a wonderful orator and swayed many people. They wanted to think they had not made a mistake by following him, but as you said, we must follow God and not rely on our government. I think we need to focus on trust. We can trust God.

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