Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I was waiting for my wife a couple of days ago, who was lost in the commercial airline system, with her cellphone turned off.  And while I was about to schedule this, my wife arrived in Pittsburgh. They had held a flight just for her. I must be married to “royalty.” But I already knew that. Her mother claimed to be related to a Bali Princess.

But until I got the phone call, I realized, “Hey, St. Patty’s Day is a-comin’.”  I was consoled by these songs.  I have practiced the pantomime, but never performed the pantomime for the Cobbler.  I first heard the song on a cassette and wondered why he was spitting!!! My wife and I fell in love with the song, even with the spitting, but my wife cringes with the last two verses.

Go, Lassie Go is simply beautiful.

I have sung this a few times, a few times at churches as a prayer against the concept that war begetting war, and there will one day be peace. Some think this is a traditional song, but it was written by Tommy Makem himself.

I first heard A Place in the Choir from Makem and Clancey, but this version from Celtic Thunder is not bad at all.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Éire go Brách (Ireland til the end of time!!)

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  2. atimetoshare.me March 17, 2021 — 3:51 pm

    Still chasing rainbows are we?

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  3. I listened to all and enjoyed the last one the most!

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