Dirty Politics 101

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right.  For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.  Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.  Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.

  • 1 Peter 2:13-17

WARNING:  Before I get started, I would like everyone to know that what I am writing here did not come out of a Poli-Sci (Political Science) textbook.  I never took Poli-Sci.  I took Psychology and Philosophy as my non-science / math electives.  But, I was an Army officer who wrote documents that went before congress (obtaining funds in the process); I worked about 11 years in government nuclear work; and I worked three years on a NASA project that was “guaranteed” to last 25 years – only lasting 4-5 years.

It was the NASA project where we had a class given by the project president, leader of the consortium of companies, to explain how the project was funded each year.

The project from the year, year and a half, before I joined the team and through the three years I worked there, the project was listed on the president’s budget, but given zero dollars.  Our local U. S. representative was on the Ways and Means committee.  He would pen our project into the budget before it was voted upon.  One side, can’t remember whether senate of house of reps is first, votes first; it goes back to committee for changes, and once approved by one side, it goes to the other, back to the committee for changes, and then the process starts all over, eventually passed by both sides (house of rep. and senate) and then the president can sign it or veto it.  If our project was removed because of outrage on the floor of congress, our representative would slip it into a farm bill or a bill to improve infrastructure of some kind.  All those methods had been used over the short life of the project.  It made it through funding each of those years, but we were on pins and needles uneasy about our future.  Then the representative had a stroke and missed a crucial vote.  The new president did some dealing to kill our project.  Our representative then passed away a few months later, replaced by someone without the former representative’s cache.  The project was dead.  The government threw away 200 million dollars of work and over 200 people lost their jobs, me being one.

The NASA project had been designed to replace the solid rocket motors on the space shuttle to correct the problem that cause the Challenger accident.  It also increased the weight load of the shuttle.  We could still be using the shuttle system if the project had remained.  It would have been safer and more economical due to the higher payload capacity.

But it failed based on a lack of tit for tat.

In our class on how the US government works, our project president supposed that a new representative or senator is elected.  We will used congressman, not gender specific, just as a generic term.  If that congressman does not write a bill and get it passed, then why did people elect him/her?  The congressman runs the risk of being voted out for being ineffective.  There is no fear of financial loss.  The congressman, as his/her retirement, collects congressman pay for the rest of his/her life along with the health benefits that we, as mere citizens, could never hope to get.  No, the congressman is filled with hubris and must make a name for themselves.

So, how do you write a bill and get it passed?  You curry favor with other congressmen.  The old congressman will come by and say, “Do you want a bill passed?  Then, you vote for my bill and I might, might, vote for yours, if I am feeling charitable that day.  Wink, wink.”  The young congressman might reply, “But your bill puts 100,000 people in my district out of work.  I could never do that.”  The old congressman laughs and says, “It was nice knowing you, kid.  I am sure you can find a job teaching elementary school, or sweeping floors, but you are done here.”  The problem is that it takes hundreds of such agreements with the Devil in order to gain enough cache to get your bill passed.

The congressman could simply refuse, but his/her bills would never get passed, and his/her opponent would have fun with that upon the next election.  It is all about pride, money, and power.

At what point does a small conflict with your conscience become so common place that the conscience simply dies?  The conscience is never consulted, because to fuel their greed and pride, they must do things they never thought they could ever allow themselves to do.

Forget voting records when you are figuring out whether to vote for the congressman.  You have no idea how many backroom deals were made and votes for whatever evil was done in order to get a bill with that person’s name on it to be voted into law.

Back roughly two years ago, Julie, at Cookie Crumbs to Live by, wrote a post and shared a video of a Democrat in congress telling someone at a hearing that there would be no talk of God in the proceedings, because God was not part of the decisions being made.  I followed Julie’s post with a post of my own, titled A Godless Government.

Rev. David Robertson, the Wee Flea, in a recent podcast, had an audio clip from an U. S. government hearing where a congressman quoted Deuteronomy and said that what was proposed was in direct violation of God’s sovereign will.  Robertson questioned whether that was true, but he worried about the committee chairman’s response.  The committee chairman quickly replied that the sovereign will of God would never be considered by this government.  Maybe I have the words slightly wrong.  I did not use quotes, but that was the intent.

Once you have gone against your conscience hundreds, thousands of times in order to make a name for yourself, so that your name will be in history books, you no longer hear your conscience.  And when God was not in your heart in the first place, you never hear a voice telling you that you are going toward oblivion.

This dirty politics lesson was based on how the U. S. Congress really works, behind the prying eyes of the public.  I am sure other governments of the world are similar.

We need a worldwide revival, or Jesus to return.  No other news topic is more important than one or the other of those options.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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