Lack of Soul, Mind, and Strength

“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’  The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  There is no commandment greater than these.”

  • Mark 12:29-30

Suppose you are driving down the interstate and you enter a road construction area.  You notice that the car in front does not adjust to the barriers being where the edge of the road had been.  You call out, as if they could hear, “No!”  But they do not bounce off the barrier.  They grind the passenger side of their SUV against the barrier for about a half mile.  Dust, sparks, and bits of metal and door handles are flying off the SUV, but the driver never adjusts either their speed or their steering.  When you finally pass the SUV, you see that the woman driving the car is texting, never having noticed that she had wrecked the car.

Question:  Did she use any soul, mind, or strength?  Did she exhibit any capability of using any of the three?  Did God intervene in that if she had reacted, she would have overcompensated and several vehicles may have been wrecked instead of just hers?  Would you have any desire to see the reaction that her spouse will have when he sees the wrecked SUV?

Suppose you approach a one lane underpass under the railroad lines.  Traffic is heavy in both directions, but everyone is taking their turn until it is your turn.  As you wait for the vehicle travelling in the opposite direction to clear the underpass, the care behind that one decides to go also, and the one after, and the one after that.  The only problem is that three car lengths behind you there is an intersection, and one of the rude drivers wants to turn left (right turn for those in a country where they drive on the left).  The people behind you have blocked the intersection, tired of waiting while the cars in the other direction fail to yield.  Because people in both directions failed to be courteous, you have gridlock.  No one can go in any direction, until a couple of cars pull into a business parking lot, leaving enough room for the person to turn.

Question:  Did they use any soul, mind, or strength?  Did they exhibit any capability of using any of the three?  Okay, maybe, once a couple of cars pulled into parking places allowing a path to unlock the bottleneck.

Suppose you know someone who has suddenly decided that they are transgender and are starting the treatments.  You ask a mutual friend that knows them much better why it was so sudden, and they have no idea.  You ask the friend if they made the decision on their own or were they pressured by others.  The mutual friend said they never thought to ask.

Question:  Did they use any soul, mind, or strength when they talked to their friend?

Suppose you know someone who considering an abortion.  You talk to their best friend and the best friend shrugs as if it was her decision, why should I get involved?

Question:  Did they use any soul, mind, or strength when they talked to their friend?

I could continue with a friend who has admitted to having suicidal thoughts, but you get the idea.

I started with the traffic things that have happened to me within the past week.  I have no idea how the lady held her car against the barriers for that distance, and it totally boggles my mind that she never bothered to pull over and check.  I think she was so into her texting that she never noticed.  The right hand side of the car had to be mostly missing with as much metal as there was that flew off the SUV, with the barrier hitting just below the windows.  As for the gridlock, if there was not a diner with limited (5-6 car capacity) next to the intersection, we would still be parked there.  But that wasn’t the first time that had happened to me.  In Germany in 1977, the same thing happened.  A couple of the Germans in the very tiny cars realized that they could park on the sidewalk and give enough room for the cars to turn, thus unlocking the gridlock.  When I approached the heroes, that were now being blocked out of the traffic flow, I stopped to let them back onto the road.  The recent gridlock only took 5-10 minutes to clear.  The one in Germany lasted over an hour.  If my company commander had not been in the same gridlock with me in another car, I would have had a lot of explaining to do for missing physical training and the morning formation.

As for the others, those are sticky situations.  When someone is about to make a life-changing decision and they make it, under duress, on the spur of the moment, I think when you love that person, you would ask… should ask.  I am reading John Maxwell’s book The Winning Attitude.  He talks about never making the big decisions when your stress is high and your energy and ability to think are low.  When your friend is only given the choice of an abortion, under such duress, can they imagine other alternatives?  Is it possible to go from having questions about the meaning of life one week to being told you are transgender the following week to starting the treatments the week after, and only having one person providing the one option and also the same person providing the treatments?  Should someone have counseled other options?  Yes, I know that in some countries of the world that is illegal, considering it conversion therapy, and other countries are in the process of changing the law to make it illegal.  But when the situation comes totally out of the blue, with nothing prior to this sudden decision that is an indicator?

In each of these situations however, could it be that each person that did not think and/or did not care about other people…  Could it be that the person was so self-absorbed that they never noticed?  Have they been taught to not think about those things when they pertain to others?

Not noticing seems to be the case with the driver in the SUV.  Why drive down the road for five miles or more and never pull over to check the damage?  In the case of the gridlock, a few people decided they had waited long enough, and they were in a hurry, never thinking of what might be the consequences.  While not thinking a problem through is a common issue and different than just being selfish, selfishness played a major role.

But the lack of thinking is a major problem these days.  It is one of the reasons that I write the philosophy articles each Tuesday morning.  Philosophy is the art of argument and critical thinking.  It seems we have lost that.  Were the friends that saw these people with problems distracted by their own problems?  Did they care?  Did they not wish to get involved?  Or were they afraid to lose the friend?  Or did they not know of any other options either?

At first, the school system changes the history books and people never notice.  They change the science books and people do not complain.  They feed the children things that are either unproven or proven to be false, but the children swallow it without any questions.  They are taught to parrot the information back.  Please, do not think it through, because if you do that, you will discover the falsehood within what you are taught.  Thus, the school has brainwashed a generation who will brainwash the next generation, and in the end, no one will be able to think.  In what Jesus said, the “mind” is then removed from the equation.  But we have heart, soul, and strength left.  Now, do we or do we have the capacity to care?

We have a lot of people making life-changing decisions these days and there are few counsels available that will give them multiple options.  And very few indeed that can understand that the emptiness within them is that they have a God-shaped hole that can only be successfully filled by God.  Without that option, they could make a disastrous decision.

I pray for the young people out there.  Think things through logically.  See the fallacies.  Seek wise counsel.  And pray, pray, pray.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.

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