Reading the Alphabet in 2022

In 2015, I accomplished something that I had tried to do in 1996.  I read 26 books (actually a lot more) with an author whose last name started with each letter of the alphabet.  In 1996, I could not find an “X”.  Thanks to Chamblin’s Book Mine in Jacksonville, FL, I found the “X”, actually two.  Thanks to the Jackson Street Bookstore in Omaha, NE, I have found a few more.

In 2022, I have accomplished the feat for the eighth consecutive year.  I held out hope of continuing, but I decided this would be the last year.  I want to radically slow down my reading. 2021 became a year of trying to complete goals instead of enjoyment.  As a result, 204 books were completed, but many were rather short books (average of 302.5 pages per book).  The books so far in 2022 are even shorter, an average of 284.12 pages per book.

Regarding the “X” authors, the “X” authors are Chinese writers.  Their last name is their given name and their first name is their family name (Common among most Asian cultures).  But that doesn’t change the feat when considering “last names.”

Here is a list of at least one book for each letter this year, 2022.  Note, for most of the books mentioned, this is the only book from that letter so far this year.  More and better ones may follow.  The table that follows will show books for 2021 – modified very little from last year’s post.

The Alphabet Challenge of 2022

AAustin, LynnChasing ShadowsA farmer and his family in Holland join the resistance in World War II – fantastic
BBonhoeffer, DietrichLetters and Papers from PrisonAs the title says, with a pastor who continued spreading the Gospel
CCussler, CliveCorsairAn Oregon Files adventure
DDixon, Franklin W.The Clue of the Broken BladeFrank and Joe Hardy must go to California to a movie set for this one.
EEvanovich, JanetThe ChaseCan the FBI and a con man out con the cons?
FFlynn, VinceThe Last ManA Mitch Rapp adventure
GGrisham, JohnCamino WindsYou decide to ride out the hurricane, and then a dead body is found as the hurricane approaches.
HHanegraaff, HankThe Bible Answer Book81 questions answered
IIzzi, EugeneBad GuysAn undercover cop is about to crack the mob wide open, until…
JJohnson, CraigDeath without CompanySecond novel in the Longmire series
KKing, D. CharlesI Am MalchusAn historical fiction about Malchus – book given to me by an old Sunday school member, and now a neighbor of the author.  Excellent
LLaHaye, TimMatthew’s Story, Mark’s Story, Luke’s StoryFictional stories about the authors of the Gospels.
MMcBain, EdHail, Hail, the Gang’s all HereA 87th Precinct Novel, with all the gang
NNevala-Lee, AlecEternal EmpireThe conclusion of the Maddy Blume trilogy
OO’Connell, CarolWinter HouseA Kathleen Mallory mystery
PParker, SamuelPurgatory RoadWhat happens when you get rescued by someone who does not let you leave?
QQueen, ElleryA Fine and Private PlaceAnother Ellery Queen mystery
RRiggs, RansomMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenHave you ever opened a box of bizarre photographs and developed a story to explain them?
SSilva, DanielThe Other WomanAnother Gabriel Allon mystery
TThoene, Brock and BodieWarsaw RequiemIntended as the last of the Zion Covenant series, but there are three more.
UUpfield, ArthurThe Mountains Have a SecretAnother Napoleon Bonaparte mystery in Australia
VVan Wormer, LauraMr. MurderA Sally Harrington mystery
WWoods, StuartBelow the BeltStone Barrington novel
XXue, CanOld Floating CloudTwo novellas about life in China
YYaffe, JamesMon Meets Her MakerWhen the pastor dies right before Christmas, who is on the case? Mom
ZZerries, A. J.Stealing from the DeadA plot to steal from Holocaust survivors and spawn terrorist conspiracies

Total Books = 45 as of 3/23/2022

Total pages thus far = 13,024

The Alphabet Challenge of 2021

AAtkinson, SamThe Philosophy BookA small tidbit of many, many philosophers’ ideas
BBlackstock, TerriIf I LiveThe conclusion of the trilogy
CChristie, AgathaThe Mousetrap and other playsA collection of plays including some turned into novels
DDekker, TedHackerThe concluding book of the Outlaw Series – excellent
EEvanovich, JanetThe ScamCan the FBI and a con man out con the cons?
FFrank, Dorothea BentonBull IslandA story of never being able to go back home
GGibbins, DavidPyramidUnderwater adventure with Jack Howard
HHeller, JosephCatch-22Often misquoted black humor, misquoted in that most modern Catch-22s are not Catch-22s.
IIdleman, KyleDon’t Give UpBiblical stories weaved with modern stories of perseverance
JJance, J. A.Man OverboardAn Ali Reynolds mystery
KKolenda, DanielLive before you dieService to God
LLucado, Maxanxious for nothing, More to Your Story, In the Eye of the Storm, He Still Moves Stones, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior, The Great House of God, In the Grip of GraceInteresting stories illustrating Biblical truth
MManning, BrendonThe Ragamuffin GospelWe are all ragamuffins
NNesbo, JoThe ThirstA Harry Hole mystery
OO’Connell, CarolMallory’s OracleFirst of the Kathleen Mallory mysteries
PPeever, J. DavidBlueprintThe different parts of building a “church” for the “church” or for each individual
QQueen, ElleryThe Murderer is a FoxA World War II fighting ace comes home
RRosenberg, JoelThe Last JihadA Jon Bennett thriller
SStrobel, LeeThe Case for the Real JesusMore excellent apologetics
TTen Boom, CorrieThe Hiding PlaceTrue story of doing the right thing and then paying dearly but surviving by God’s Grace
UUpton, RobertThe Big TourA golfer tries to get an edge and it backfires.
Vvan der Wetering, JanwillemThe Japanese CorpseAnother Grijpstra and de Gier novel
WWoods, StuartSevere ClearStone Barrington novel
XXiaolong, QiuYears of Red DustAnecdotes, short stories, and poetry from an award winning Chinese author
YYttrup, Ginny L.Lost and FoundA woman of faith nearly loses her reptation due to false allegations.
ZZagel, JamesMoney to BurnWhat if you could rob money marked for burning before it was destroyed?

Total Books = 204

Total pages = 61,800


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  1. March 25, 2022 — 8:57 am

    When do you find time to read

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  2. Interesting challenge. I’ve read some of those books over the years. But generally, read the same author’s entire series.

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    • There are a few that I can’t read any more in the series, since I have read them all. I bought one of the few Robert B. Parker Spenser that I missed and I have a few of the Ed McBain 87th precinct ones left. In my slowing down, I think finishing series will be the next goal.


  3. Looks like a great place to find suggested reading for me. I’ve listed a few of them to check their availability on kindle. I only read kindle now. I can enlarge the font. And I have to consider the cost also. I would love to have more time to read. I don’t read for pleasure except from about 11 to 2:00 am. I can sleep as late as I like but when I wake I do devotions then move on to kitchen duty, taking meds, Word Press, etc.

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