Mary Goes on a Date – An Easter and Jemima Adventure

I’m Easter Yeggs, son of Lieutenant Deviled Yeggs and Dr. Trinity Naomi Tesla, that’s TNT, Yeggs, PhD and many other initials, but most people call her Glyce, pronounced “Gliss,” since it is short for Nitroglycerin. She explodes when shaken.

Mary Sheltie may be back in Tracy by the time you read this, but something miraculous has happened, or at least a God-Made Coincidence (GMC).

We were all three having breakfast in the breakfast area.  Dr. Quinn was running late, probably filing observations on our performance.  We have seen a lot of action lately, and there is some local storm damage where we are staying.  We were going to go out and help Mary film some things and maybe interview a few people.  While off camera, we thought we might help them if we could.  But since this was for Mary’s other classes, Dr. Quinn decided to stay at the hotel this morning and then join us for a humanitarian effort if we could link up with a faith-based group this afternoon.

While we were eating, we did some people watching.  One young man was sipping coffee two tables away and reading his Bible.  Jemima told Mary that she didn’t think she saw a wedding ring.  He might just be a guy who does not wear a wedding ring, but then, he might be single.  She prodded Mary in going over to talk to him.  Since Mary wanted to meet nice Christian guys, this might be her chance.

Mary argued, but eventually went over.  “Hi, what are you reading?”

The man said, “The Bible.”

Mary turned red, “I know it’s the Bible, but the Bible is made of many different books.  Which one?”

The man shrugged, “If you must know, or your friends at the other table prompted you to ask, I am reading Isaiah 7.”

Mary asked, “Is their any Messianic prophecies in that chapter?”

The man smiled, “Why, yes, in verse 14 it talks about the virgin birth and calling Him Immanuel which means …”

Mary smiled, “God with us.”

The man asked, “Are you here with a faith-based rescue team?”

Mary shrugged, “No, we are storm chasers.  We are still in college and our professor gave us the day off from chasing.  We hoped to link up with a humanitarian aid team this afternoon. I want to do some interviews this morning for one of my classes.  I have a double major: Meteorology and Television and Radio Management.  So we thought some damage footage could be useful for both those degree programs.”

The man frowned, “Don’t badger anyone.  Some of these people have lost everything.  I have set up five family units in the hotel here.  All of them have houses that are condemned until things get fixed, a couple there is nothing left to fix.  Please respect their privacy.”

“So, you work for one of these groups?”  He slid a brochure across the table, and Mary sat down to look at it.  “Wow! They are big.  What do you do for them?”

“I take care of the victims.  I provide pastoral care.  I dropped out of seminary.  I needed to clear my head for a while.  I joined this group as a chaplain.  I do not know if this is my calling, but I feel a strong attraction to it.  Are your other two friends meteorologists or television people?”

“Oh, Stinker and Easy?  They are meteorology majors, but Stinker is making photography a secondary degree.  Easy is taking some mechanical engineering classes so he can better maintain the Turtle and know about fluid flow and heat transfer from an engineering perspective.”

“Stinker?  And Easy?  Do they have real names?” the man asked.

Mary blushed, “Stinker’s name is Jemima and Easy is short for Easter.  They are engaged.  Easy is Easter’s code name until Dr. Quinn finds something else about him.  Stinker is Stinker because she asked Dr. Quinn thought-provoking questions that led Dr. Quinn to accept Jesus.  Then two weeks ago, I accepted Jesus.  The two youngest of our team have been Christians a long time.  Stinker is a PK.”

“Preacher’s kid?” the man asked.  “That’s interesting.  What do they do on the team while you are the reporter, I suppose?”

“Stinker is the photographer.  Easy is the driver, a wild ride, but he keeps us safe.  And we all take turns supervising the team and plotting our course to the next storm, safety being important, but we need our observations also.  Dr. Quinn wants us to be able to do everything, except Easy does most of the driving, especially when an active storm is nearby.  He knows the Turtle like the back of his hand.”

“But why did you not follow the line of storms?” the man asked.

“Since Dr. Quinn accepted Jesus, according to Stinker, she has been more protective of the team and more interested in all the victims.  Before she was born-again, her mantra was staying as close to the action as possible.  But you haven’t said anything about yourself.”

“I did.” The man said, “I am a chaplain, and I am in the breakfast area in case any of the five families that I have housed in the hotel are needing some grief counseling.  My name is Joseph Jones.  Please, not Joe Jones.  That sounds too corny.”

Mary giggled, “I like the name Joseph.  Are you married, Joseph?”

Joseph asked, “Are you looking for a husband?”

Mary turned redder than she was before, “Please, no sex until after the wedding.”  She then threw both hands over her mouth with embarrassment.

Joseph then blushed, “I think we need to date first.”

Mary asked, “Are you asking me out?  I fly back to Tracy tomorrow.  We have Bible study tonight.  You are hereby invited, but maybe for a date you can take me out to eat.  I had enough money for a two-week training session and then my replacement was murdered, and I stayed another two weeks.”

Joseph snickered, “Usually the guy asks the girl, but sure.  I will meet you an hour before the Bible study.  There is a family restaurant that is still open, with power, not many restaurants are open.  We can walk there from here.  When is the Bible study?”

Mary beamed, “In my room at 6:30.  Great!  I need to get ready for my interviews, if we can find someone.”  And Mary ran toward the elevator.

Joseph got up and walked over to our table.  He said, “I would like to ask Easy here how anyone can drive a Turtle, but I have a more pressing problem.  Your friend just asked me out on a date and allowed me to attend your Bible study tonight.  I hope you don’t mind.  But the Bible study is in her room at 6:30.  She never gave me her name or her room number.”

Jemi said, “She is new to this dating thing.”

I added, “Like her first date, ever?”

Joseph said, “Wait!  She is the most beautiful young lady I have ever met in my life, and you say she has never dated?  I need to know her name now.”

Jemi laughed, “Her name is Mary Sheltie.  Since she told you our code names, hers is Home Wrecker.  Long story.  We might tell you about it tonight.  Her room number is 208.  Since the group meets in her room, please do not be too late.  We may have to start in the hallway without you.  Easy is leading it tonight.”

Joseph shrugged, “The restaurant is two doors down.  This little corner of town is the only area with power.  As for your interviews, there is one family that I might recommend if you are considerate to their needs.  If they do not show up within the next thirty minutes, I will give them a call.  As for your volunteering, I can call my boss and tell him that four volunteers are willing to do general labor work.  Two young ladies, one guy, and who is Dr. Quinn?”

Ellie Quinn walked up behind him.  “I am Dr. Ellie Quinn.  Who might you be?”

Joseph blushed, “I’m with Samaritan’s Purse. Umm.  I heard you wanted to do some volunteer work this afternoon.”

Jemi said, “Joseph here is Mary’s date tonight.”

Dr. Quinn ejaculated, “What?! Will miracles ever cease?”

Joseph looked over his shoulder and the family he wanted us to interview had walked in for breakfast.  We set up the interview time, Dr. Quinn grabbed a coffee and a Danish, and the three of us went to the elevator.

As the elevator ascended, we all looked at the elevator door, and Ellie said, “Storm chasing Mary and aftermath working Joseph.  Hmmm. Joseph and the virgin Mary.  This could get interesting.”

We all three were laughing as the elevator door opened.  Other storm victims got on the elevator, giving us strange looks.


The reference to Mary and Joseph I hope is obvious.  And don’t worry.  I think Mary will be approved for hurricane observations this summer and maybe she’ll run into Joseph along the Gulf Coast somewhere.

Samaritan’s Purse is a humanitarian aid organization founded by Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham.  They provide assistance in war torn areas, natural disasters, and for the poor.  If they had a chaplain named Joseph Jones, he might easily chase storms himself, looking to help the victims.

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