Godly ESP

“When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me.  And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning.”

–          John 15:26-27



I recently read someone else’s blog and the thought came to me that I had thought of writing what my friend had written, almost word for word.  The thought then came to me regarding ESP.  Could we have ESP?  Then another thought came to me, the Holy Spirit essentially slapping me upside the head saying, “Hey Dummy, think!”


Of course, we have something better than ESP.  We have Godly ESP (Extrasensory Perception).  The Holy Spirit talks to those who trust in God and call upon Him as our Lord and Savior.  We know that it is the Holy Spirit, because His words are authenticated by the reading of the Bible.  The Holy Spirit is not going to tell us anything against God’s will.


So, with that in mind, it might be shocking if we read a trusted friend’s blog and not find an occasional thought that we had ourselves.  That does not prove ESP, but it proves Godly ESP through the Holy Spirit.  Does it not make sense that the Holy Spirit sends out consistent messages?  That makes sense.  Then, the next step is as follows.  If two fellow Christians, divided in age, gender (possibly), denomination, and time zone (maybe even country), are united in the same general location along their Journeys of Faith, could it be that the Holy Spirit sends the same message?  My thought is absolutely.  Why Not!?


We might express it differently, but I think that the Holy Spirit’s message to His faithful followers is not only consistent, but at times very close to being identical.  After all, think about this.  We worship the same God.


In the past, when my wife and I thought of the same thing at the same time, my wife might have quipped, “Do you have your ESPN on?”  We would laugh.  Married couples can end each other’s sentences quite often.  When people ask if we can, I joke, due to my slow Southern speech, that my wife finishes my sentences all the time, but she gets the ending wrong 90% of the time.


We don’t joke about ESP-Network anymore.  We went to the barest of cable offerings when my temporary consulting jobs started getting thin and I decided to retire a little over two years ago.  That means we only have the basic networks and the free channels.  My sports withdrawal was a hard blow.  My wife supplements her action movie and TV reruns passion by using the computer downloads to the smart TV, inviting me to join her when a new series of mutual interest is released.  But I am not that lucky with live sports.  I still miss hockey.


But after two years, I do not miss wall-to-wall sports anymore.  Yes, I would like more options of viewing college sports, but it seems to be pointless in my present point along my journey of faith.


When I returned from Germany in the summer of 1980, we stayed at a hotel one night that had ESPN, a network that was only 1 year old at the time.  I thought that wall-to-wall sports was a wonderful idea.  Now I see how much time I wasted listening to talking heads argue about who the greatest American football quarterback is.  The name of the ‘greatest’ has changed many times over the past almost forty years, always forgetting the guys who retired five years before.  If they ask me, it will forever be Johnny Unitas, but no one is going to ask me.  My wife always liked Fran Tarkenton, still calling the Minnesota Vikings, “Fran’s Team” on occasion.


The time I wasted listening and watching sports television is now spent in Godly ESP time.  I am writing.  I am reading.  I am studying.  I am praying.  And I am listening for what the Holy Spirit was trying to say all those years before.  But my problem was that I was listening to the wrong ESP-network.  Do I watch a live sporting event on occasion?  Of course.  I am not ready for the monastery just yet.  But I get jittery and ill at ease when I shorten my daily time with God.


Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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