A Busybody’s Dilemma

Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses.

  • 1 Timothy 5:19

My wife told me the other day that one of her friends had shared a post on social media from a friend of hers.  So, my wife was relaying what a friend of a friend had said, thus a total stranger.

What was reported was that two or three days prior, there had been a motorcycle – four-wheeler collision.  The collision had occurred in our little town.  The four-wheeler rider had been severely injured.  The parents of this four-wheeler rider were offering a reward to anyone who had evidence as to who the motorcyclist was.  For, after the collision and the clear signs that the other person was injured, the person on the motorcycle rode off.

When my wife said this, I thought about what I had seen the day before.  We have some neighbors who have teenagers that ride their motorcycles late at night to avoid getting caught.  They ride recklessly, in my opinion, at least regarding speed – far exceeding the speed limit, probably by more than doubling or tripling the speed limit when considering a residential neighborhood.

The day before, I had seen the two youngest children of that family with a motorcycle on a maintenance stand in their front yard, replacing parts.  This would have been within a day or two after the accident, but the day before my wife said that she saw the social media post.

I have no information that proves that the boys were not simply upgrading their motorcycle.  I am not a witness to the crime.  I saw two boys that are always tinkering on one vehicle or another, but they were tinkering on a motorcycle that had a few “issues.”

If I said anything, I would just be a busybody, no evidence to back up a claim that a neighbor might have been involved with the hit-and-run accident.  But will my wife’s friend’s friend’s family, who to us are total strangers, might not ever get justice.  How badly injured is their son?

And as for the person who hit the boy and rode away, do they now have an even greater feeling of superiority?  They have just perpetrated a crime to which there seems to be no witnesses.  Will their teenaged reign of terror escalate?

And as far as I know, the boys do not have anything on their rap sheet.  They have been constantly warned by the police for a variety of accusations, both misdemeanor and felony, allegedly, but I doubt that there is an official record of their past misdeeds.

It is a true dilemma.  But I know that I can pray.

Soli Deo Gloria.  Only to God be the Glory.


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  1. Oh boy. Teenagers and motorcycles. As a former nurse and as the wife of a former biker, I know that’s not a good mix.

    Your circumstantial evidence reminds me of a trial I was on back in March of this year. I was one of twelve jurors. The prosecution had nothing but circumstantial evidence and suppositions for the first charge. It took the twelve of us less than 30 minutes to agree that the state had failed to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. On the lesser charge, however, the defendant’s guilt was clearly evident, so we found him guilty on the lesser count.

    I did a lot of silent praying during that trial. I believe God heard, and He answered. Both justice and mercy was rendered that day.

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    • Thanks for sharing that. The situation on our block is far more complicated that simple teen rebellion and a feeling of both immortality and being above the law – at least uncatchable. There is a lot to pray for there regardless of guilt or innocence. Without them seeing how their actions affect others, preferably to come to Christ, praying for the next victim is inevitable. Thank you for you comments. They have added a lot.

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